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AK was bullied and deprived of his mee pok dry.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Just now, for dinner, I decided to go get my favourite mee pok dry from a nearby kopitiam. 

There were two car parking lots left when I got there. 

A big BMW was before me and reversed into one of the lots.

So lucky to have one lot left for me, I thought.

When the BMW came to a stop, I saw that it was encroaching on the empty lot. 

As the well-dressed driver got out of the car with his equally well-dressed lady friend, I lowered my window and asked if they could center their car so that I could park in the neighbouring lot.

What happened next stumped me.

The woman looked at my car and said in a voice loud enough for me to hear, 

"His car so small. I am sure can fit. We no need to shift."

Then, they turned their backs on me and walked away.


They didn't even bother to talk to me!

I was speechless. 

I realised I was just bullied and didn't know how to respond.

Anyway, I was upset enough that I lost my appetite and decided to come home without satisfying my craving for mee pok dry.

Just now, I felt hungry and I cooked this for a late dinner:

Should I get a bigger car so that something like this does not happen again?

New material from my FB wall (11AM, 16 March 2015):

Latest update on my FB wall (4.20pm, 16 March 2015):

No problem with parking this time but this?

This is depressing.

Unrelated post:
Forced selling due to financial hardship.
(Why am I sharing this post? I have no idea.)


Joshua said...

Cheer up! :) Your instant noodles with carrots looks quite alright too! There'll be many pricks in society, we have to accept them as they are and wish them well.

Rebel said...

It happens all the time.
Hang on to your car.
The BMW is bought with credit. Alot of folks become sub-human when they have all these outward manifestations of material wealth.

They build the castle on credit. The castle can collapse when times are bad.

You. . . And the other peasants on the island thrive whether the economy is up or down.

AK71 said...

Hi Joshua,

I might try to understand these people but I don't think I could ever accept them. I am not saintly. LOL. ;p

AK71 said...

Hi Rebel,

I like my car. It is reliable and costs little to maintain. Easy to drive and park too (partly because of its size). :)

Actually, now, I feel a little silly for blogging about my experience last night. -.-"

victorlsl1 said...

it feels awful. anyway it wont be the first time or last time you encounter such behaviour. so just take it in stride. have a jolly good week said...

Hi AK,

Kudos to you for not confronting them. It's not worth the effort. When something bad happen to me, I will tell myself that because 'he' has other plans.

AK71 said...

Hi Victor,

Not being able to satisfy my craving for mee pok dry was really awful. ;p

Yes, you are right. There will be similar incidents in future. Just have to hope that they don't happen too frequently. -.-"

AK71 said...

Hi Derek,

Who is the 'he' you are referring to? Or are you referring to 'He'? ;p

OK, I am being bad here. Bad AK! Bad AK! -.-"

coconut said...

oh so poor thing!

you never guess what i will do if i'm in your shoe!

PaulC said...

Drive a lorry or truck next time, bmw will keep far far away , afraid u might scratch their paintjob...btw u should stomp that bmw. Haha.

AK71 said...

Hi coconut,

What would you have done? Sounds ominous... -.-"

Really poor thing... :(

I just shared this on my FB wall:

"But I must have been rather traumatised by the experience without knowing it... I had to be if I dreamt of mee pok dry in my sleep... Didn't sleep well... Pillow was a bit wet when I woke up this morning... Could have been salivating..."


AK71 said...

Hi PaulC,

Someone suggested that in FB too but I would need to get another driver's license for that, right? -.-"

I have never been a fan of STOMP. Maybe, I should rethink this...


coconut said...

haha, ya what i do is just drive away assuming there is no lots to park! no need to even see the face of those idiots!

but in the first place i rarely drive into a crowded parking place and i hate to wait for parking places, i really hate it, mee pork or not, so hardly encounter such incident.

AK71 said...

Hi coconut,

That is a very mild response. OK. Noted. Those idiots, indeed.

Well, the car park usually has plenty of lots. I guess it was crowded because it was a Sunday evening. -.-"

coconut said...

you thought i'm going to put a good fight isn't it?

definately no, i'm very competitive, i rather pick a fight with you where i can benefit from it be it win or lose.

there is no point fighting with idiots, it just make me or you more angry.

Singapore Man of Leisure said...


I thought coconut would scratch the BMW or let the air out of the tyres or something...

So mild response indeed!


AK71 said...


I was shocked by coconut's response but in a good way. ;p

Respect! :)

AK71 said...

Model answer for the Picture Composition by Chang Han Thomas:

One day, AK went to a mee pok stall for dinner. When he drove there, he spotted a car park, but unfortunately a BMW arrived at the same time and parked before him. The BMW is so huge - it occupied more than the space demarcated. AK told the driver of the BMW to shift it a little but the driver ignored him and went on his way.

Incensed, AK was too shocked to reply. Just then, a smoke and a jingle and a genie appeared, asking for a wish from AK. At the fit of anger, AK wished that he is the owner of the BMW, so that he can also bully other drivers.

And so lo and behold, AK turned into the owner of the BMW. His mum, who is in the hospital for some surgery, wanted to eat the famous mee pok noodles. He is going to have a meeting soon but decided to rush down to get his mum's favourite noodles. So he hurried to their BMW and drove over to the stall. Didn't took them long to park the car, though there was a small mazda behind them. The owner of the mazda wind down his window and asked AK to shift their car a little so that he can park. AK looked at the time. He's going to be late and the mee pok stall will be closing soon, so he ignored the driver and went to queue for his mee pok.

In his hurry, he accidentally knocked a bowl of noodles from the ledge of the stall. Incensed, the stall owner scolded AK and refused to sell the noodles to him. To think that he had hurried here to satisfy his mum's craving, possibly being late for his meeting and not being able to get any noodles! Nonsense!

Just then, a smoke and a jingle and a genie appeared, asking for a wish from AK. At the fit of anger, AK wished that he is the owner of the noodle stall, so that he can bully other customers too.

And so lo and behold, AK turned into the owner of the mee pok stall. Day in and day out, he had been working in the stall just to break even. The lack of helpers and the high rental certainly didn't help his situation. No choice, he will have to continue working till kingdom come. One day, he was working in the stall as usual and feeling very tired. He had been there since 6 am till 930pm. Even though he is closing at 10pm, there's still a long queue ahead, so he guessed he will have to work OT as usual.

Just then, a customer came and knocked a bowl of noodles onto the floor. Immediately, AK's blood pressure shot up! It's nearing closing time, there's so many customers in front and I have to endure this! Why can't he be like the owner of ASSI who is famous for his passive income and is going for semi-retirement now? Why?? Why does he have to endure and suffer all these nonsense working?

Just then, a smoke and a jingle and a genie appeared, asking for a wish from AK. At the fit of anger, AK wished that he is the owner of ASSI.

So lo and behold, he became the owner of ASSI.

Taken from my FB wall. ;)

coconut said...

smol, wait i scratch the wrong BMW how?

i always walk to the wrong car thinking it was mine, really!

tell you a true story, many many years back when i was driving a mazda 323, i actually went into a wrong car which is not mine and started the engine! i almost drove it away until something tells me its fells not right. my car was actually 3 cars away. it wasn't even exactly the same colour but close (colour blind haha)...

Rebel said...

Let's eat mee pok dry today ! Make a stand !

AK71 said...

Hi Rebel,

You mean like "Cook a pot of curry day"?

So, we have "Eat a bowl of mee pok day"?

I like it! LOL!

Thanks. ;)

coconut said...

well said ak, some time its good to remind ourselves we are an idiot too, some time....

Singapore Man of Leisure said...

AK and coconut,

You both are such gentle people, with some flower in your hair... (yes, it's that San Fransisco song)

Last weekend, I got another written compliment - I think I got the most written compliments for a part-timer, not that I am keeping score ;)

Most customers are nice. But when I get customers like the prick who bullies the taxi-driver, or who thinks just because they are paying customers they can be rude to salesperson me, well...

They soon find out I don't suffer fools easily :)

It helps to have a wide vocabulary to "suan" and a dash of humour to defuse a tense situation ;)

AK71 said...


"Gentle" with "flower" in my hair... Hmmmm... Did you just "suan" me? -.-"

Now, I must dash to the toilet to defuse some rather tense feeling in my nether regions. ;p

An said...

Hi Ak, you know you did the right thing by doing nothing to Mr Hao lian BMW, so just ignore as it's beneath your integrity.

But you should not have driven away bro, this is why you feel upset, your craving not satisfied. Lol!

Solution: Kovan market bro, 3 above average mee pok stalls, open breakfast till supper.

AK71 said...

Hi Andy,

So far away... But thanks for letting me know. I appreciate your concern. :)

As I grow older, I find that I don't like driving too much. Anything more than 10 or 15 minutes away is too long a drive. -.-"

KC said...

Seriously dude. Face your issues, not Facebook your issues.

AK71 said...

Hi E H,

Just sharing stuff, as usual. You can be selective with the stuff you read. ;)

Ming-Jie Chai said...

Dear AK

Yes, like the rest says, 'Cheer up'!

A lot of these 'rich' people actually have very little, or worse, no substance inside. The ones you met is a fine example. Why bother? Inner cultivation is more important, such as equanimity in face of such people. Talk is always very easy, of course. Haha! I am learning too...let's do so together! :)

KS said...

Hi AK, dont let this thing affect you. I drive a 9.5 old car, some expensive car drive aggressively near me, i just like them pass. They bang or their cars get scratch is not my problem. Lol.
Stay cheerful

KC said...

I already am. But you only realise something when finish reading a sentence, not before it.

AK71 said...

Hi MJ,

I remember 'equanimity' from Buddhists Studies. Good reminder. Thanks. :)

I didn't dream of mee pok dry again last night in my sleep but I still want to eat mee pok dry today and I will be happy. Haha. ;p

AK71 said...

Hi KS,

I like my small Japanese car. Actually, it is still bigger than Mr. Bean's car. So, it isn't that small. ;)

No intention of getting it changed. Only 5 years old. Cars are way too expensive, even now with the lower COE prices. -.-"

Like you, I am a very careful driver and I am always mindful to be considerate to others. Of course, we cannot expect others to behave the same way towards us. :(

AK71 said...

Reader says...
Wah ak u drive bmw tourier ah...
I cant believe it
Its an expensive expensive brand

AK says...
Growing old and senile ... cham liao
Anyhow spend money😞

(Maybe, I was traumatised by this incident...)

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