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Save money and have a good dinner for $1.75?

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

It has been quite a while since I shared photos showing how I prepare my meals.

Regular readers know that such sharing sometimes invite rather big reactions from people, both positive and negative, but I guess that is what makes society interesting, isn't it? Diversity!

As long as we are all civil about it, I think it is definitely OK to disagree.

Anyway, what did I have for dinner this evening?

Chop up some fresh cucumber.

Shred up some ham.

Add a small can of baked beans and mix it up.
(Wouldn't be complete without baked beans, would it?)

A cup of hot green tea.

An orange for vitamin C and fibre.

Cost of the main course: about $1.00.

Cost of drink: about $0.15.

Cost of orange: about $0.60.

Total cost of dinner: about $1.75.

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Why was my comment not published?

I have said this before but I guess I should say it again.

My blog makes a bit money in the form of advertising income and to be fair to myself and all paying advertisers, I cannot allow attempts by commercial entities to have free advertisements in my blog in the comments section.

So, if you have left comments in my blog with a link or a reference to a website (especially one that I know you have a vested interest in) that provides goods and services, financial or not, don't be surprised if you do not see your comment published.

Tsk, tsk, tsk.

You might have a great comment and I might want to publish it but if you have included a link or a reference to a commercial website, I am not able to delete the link and publish the rest of the comment. It is not possible. At least, I do not know how to do it.

So, for those people who have been affected by this house rule, if you would like to comment again, I would be happy to publish your comments as long as they are relevant and do not advertise your business ventures, whether directly or indirectly.

Please note that attempts to draw me into a discussion on the issue will be ignored.

OK, I should include a smiley emoticon here to show that there are no hard feelings. There. :)

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"If you have some really good ideas, please feel free to share with us but please keep the comments genuine.  Any effort to advertise should be emailed to me and should not go into the comments section.  Having some advertising revenue is one way I make some money from blogging. "

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