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Some stocks do nothing for us!

Monday, April 15, 2024

I shared a photo of one my favorite ships in World of Warships in a video yesterday. 

Bismark is a ship I enjoy a lot and I have had many hours of fun playing it. 

There are some ships I have which are really beautiful to look at. 

Unfortunately, that is the only thing I find them good for. 

They are not fun to play, for various reasons. :( 

It is just like investing in stocks. 

Some stocks, we might think they are undervalued and good to invest in. 

However, they do nothing for us in terms of dividends. 

They don't even give us peace of mind. 

One starting with the letter "T" comes to mind. 

Bad AK! Bad AK! ;p 

The names of the "only nice to look at" ships below, for those who are wondering: 

Cherbourg, a French cruiser.

Gneisenau, a German battleship.

Loyang, a Chinese destroyer.
Try World of Warships on the Asian server. 
I am having a lot of fun and have not spent a single cent. Use my referral link and both of us will get some freebies in game. 
We can both F.I.R.E. at some enemy warships!


Ttw said...

Would your be referring to a very smart automobile, that can drive by itself.

AK71 said...

Hi Ttw,

With many lawsuits waiting to be settled because many of the self driving cars crashed? ;p

ace3256 said...

Hi AK! Noticed that many REITs have crashed in recent weeks because of the Fed's hawkish comments and how interest rates may stay higher for even longer. I have also noticed that some of the REITs are trading below their Covid lows!! Just wanted to check, since you have been around way earlier than I have - is this era of higher interest rates perhaps even more damaging to REITs than Covid? Has there been any situation in the past that is similar to this current climate?

AK71 said...

Hi ace3256,

I made a video on yield expansion and when I might put more money to work in REITs.

For sure, higher for longer interest rates are not good for all risk assets, not just REITs.

However, the more levered they are, the worse it is going to be, all else being equal.

This is why I have not added to my investments in REITs in a long time.

Yield expansion: Time to invest in REITs?

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