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Genting SP: Stale bulls' second chance?

Friday, March 5, 2010

Genting SP experienced a white candle today on increased volume.  As the price touched 91.5c, approaching the 50wMA (93.5c), it lost momentum and closed at 90.5c.  Volume, although higher, is not significantly so.  The suggestion is, therefore, that the buy ups are half hearted.

The MFI and Stochastics are still in oversold regions and seem to suggest that if a reversal does happen, it is not unexpected.  We might want to remember that in a bearish scenario, MFI and Stochastics can stay oversold for a very long time.  MFI and Stochastics are also more accurate indicators in a trendless situation.

So, the price won't go higher?  If the 50wMA (93.5c) is taken out in the next session, we might see the price rising to the 20dMA, which is descending sharply and should be at 97c then.  All eyes would be on whether the price action would be able to break through the 20dMA to close higher, failing which, a resumption of the downtrend is more likely. I still see strong supports provided by the 100wMA (74c) and the 200wMA (70c) then. 

Do people really believe that the opening of Universal Studios on 18 March would have a huge positive impact on Genting SP in the near term?  The jury is still out.  More likely, this upmove is the stale bulls' second chance to reduce exposure or to get out totally as the downtrend is still intact.  Short sellers should find shorting closer to resistance almost irresistable given the bearish technical indicators.


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