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Healthway Medical: A retest of recent high.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Healthway Medical moved from 17.5c to retest the recent high of 18.5c in the last session but failed to move higher, establishing 18.5c as a strong resistance in the minds of market participants.  This is all the more significant when we remember that the price action was accompanied by volume more than four times that of the previous session.  This might be a bit more than disappointing for shareholders looking forward to the formation of a new high.  The nagging question on their minds: Is it a sign that distribution has started?

Technically, any price movement up or down without significant volume is seen as unsustainable.  What about significant volume without any significant price movement?  Usually, it means we have a stalemate between the bulls and the bears.  Neither camp is willing to give the other any satisfaction.  That the price managed to inch up 0.5c at the close was a small victory for the bulls.  That 18.5c remains a significant resistance was a small victory for the bears.

Looking at the MFI, the decline has halted and formed a higher low.  The buying momentum stopped weakening although it has not strengthened enough to form a new high.  Now, look at the OBV.  No sign of distribution.  Instead, accumulation has spiked.  This is bullish.  Finally, the sell signal on the MACD has been negated.  All signs point to the bulls having the upper hand, for now.  However, we have to remember that these are lagging indicators.  TA can never tell us what will happen for sure.

So, in the event that price does not move up but declines instead, we should have a plan.  The uptrend is intact.  So, my usual style is to buy at supports.  Initial support is where we find the merged 20dMA and 50dMA.  Connecting the two previous lows yields a trendline support that coincides with these merged MAs at 16c.  This should be the initial support and also a strong one, albeit in the short term.

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