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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Do I make money from this blog?  I was asked this question recently.  Frankly, I started this blog out of curiosity last Christmas Eve as I was wondering what is this blogging business all about. I've always enjoyed sharing my ideas with friends and family.  So, I guess I've just moved up to the next level with my blog in that I am sharing my ideas with a bigger audience.  Of course, it helps that I actually enjoy writing.

I didn't know I could make money from blogging. However, I did discover quite quickly that there are many ways of making money through a blog, especially for a blog with a strong readership base.  I found out that there are sites which actually charge a membership fee and there are some which charge a fee for subscription (and within the first month of my blog being set up, I actually received an email asking me how much do I charge for subscription and, a little bewildered, I told the writer that it's free).

The most common way to make money from a blog is through ad placements.  For some time now, I've had ads in my blog.  There are companies which would pay according to the number of impressions my blog generates.  There are companies which would only pay if visitors actually click on the ads.  There are companies which would only pay if visitors click on their ads AND actually buy something.

I checked my account with ZUJI recently and found that someone made a purchase and I have been credited with a small percentage as a commission.  It works! 

So, when you plan your future holidays, please click on the ZUJI advertisement banner in my blog's header and see what they have to offer. You get a good deal AND make a small monetary contribution towards my blogging efforts at the same time.  Cool?  Thanks for the support.  :)


Anonymous said...

If only you wrote about this earlier, I booked 2 trips just last month. Nevermind, there will always be another time.


AK71 said...

Dear L,

Yes, there will be another time. Thank you for your support. I appreciate it. Have a good weekend. :)

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