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Charts in brief: 16 Jun 2010.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Golden Agriculture: Price rose and met resistance at 55c as expected. The falling 50dMA and 100dMA both approximate 55c which makes this a strong resistance.  If this could be taken out, we could likely see a target of 57.5c which is where we find the 138.2% Fibo line.  This is also a gap resistance.

AIMS AMP Capital Industrial REIT: The fourth gravestone doji in seven sessions.  21.5c is being tested vigorously as the immediate support. MACD has dipped into negative territory while the MFI and OBV have flattened.  The loss in buying momentum is obvious.

LMIR:  Second doji in a row as price closed at 47.5c, resisted by the flattening 50dMA. If this is taken out, resistance is provided by the falling 100d and 200d MAs. These are approaching 48c, which perhaps explain the dojis which reached a high of 48c.  The negative divergence between price and volume is obvious and suggests that LMIR is rising on weak technicals.

SPH: Volume expanded today and is the highest in seven sessions but all that could be managed at the end of the day was a doji with price closing at $3.75, suggesting weakness.  If price could rise further, it would find resistance at $3.82 as provided by the flat 100dMA.

Saizen REIT: I looked at the weekly chart just now. It seems that price is moving above the declining 100wMA.  This is good news.  There are of course two more days before the week ends.  So, let's see how it would end on Friday. I also like the up channel I see.

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Charts in brief: 14 Jun 2010.


J - said...

hi AK, hope to know more abt saizen reit warrant. any website or link to see a more detail info of the warrant other than SGX website? and warrant do get dividends also right?


AK71 said...

Hi J,

Warrants are not entitled to income distribution. Only regular units are entitled to income distribution.

Basically, buying the warrants allows you to pay 9c per warrant at anytime until the expiry in June 2012 and that converts the warrants into regular units.

You could visit Saizen REIT's homepage for more information on the warrants. :)

J - said...

hi AK, thx for ur "lunch reply", i bet youre working in office also? haha.

was wondering, does the exercsing cost of $0.09 they stated will ever change? :D

the only question i left now is if there is a handling fee and how much is it when i conver them into shares, ( other than the $0.09 exercising fee)

AK71 said...

Hi J,

Unfortunately, I am still unable to escape the working world. :-(

9c to exercise the warrants is set in stone. It will not change. As for a handling fee to convert warrants into units, I have never done any warrants conversion before. So, I am not sure about this.

The best person to ask is GH Chua. Visit his blog and you will know why. ;-)

Once you have the answer, please share with everyone here. :)

J - said...

hi again, AK, i have a small good news for everyone.

if u have a DBS/POSB ibanking account. its under IB --> Payment Services --> Purchase Cashier Order. The commission is FREE!

A friend of mine just told me this.
however after checking it myself, i am still in doubt because theres a blank to fill in PAyee Name and Amount $.

later Payee name is a common name in singapore how? later they can take our cashier order payment :x.

hope you can check it out and share ur views with me.

IB --> Payment Services --> Purchase Cashier Order.


AK71 said...

Hi J,

I rather doubt that this is the way to exercise company warrants. This is the way to buy a Cashier's Order, probably. ;)

Go ahead and ask GH Chua. I am sure he would answer your questions. The best people to ask for directions from are those who have been there before. :)

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