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FSL Trust: Land ahoy?

Sunday, June 27, 2010

On 18 June, news of the release of Verona I was greeted with some relieve.  However, price has closed unchanged at 38c since. I expect Nika I to be eventually released as well but would this be enough to reverse the fortunes of FSL Trust's unit price?

Obviously, FSL Trust is still in a downtrend.  Is the current phase forming a floor or a base? Would the declining 20dMA push the price down further? These questions are hard to answer definitely.  However, TA can provide some clues as to the psychology of market participants.  Let's see.

The MFI has been rising since 7 May.  This happened as the price continued its decline. MFI is derived from the combination of price and volume. A rising MFI is a sign of demand as money flows into a stock. Looking back, the MFI was declining from March to April this year while the unit price of FSL Trust was rising.  That negative divergence was a warning sign as smart money was flowing out of the stock. Another reason why I was warning people to stay away from FSL Trust back then. The opposite is happening now with MFI rising, money is flowing back into the stock as price declined.

OBV has been rising since 11 June and this suggests that accumulation is back. All this while, the RSI has been more or less flat and hugging 30%, no longer oversold.  This suggests that the speed at which the stock is being sold down is very much slower or, indeed, has stalled.

Immediate support is a band between 37.5c to 38c.  Immediate resistance is at 40.5c.  If price retests the recent low of 36c, I would pay attention to the volume.  If it is much lower than what was achieved on 11 Jun (5.64m units), we could have the first hint of a bottom.

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