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Genting SP: Weakness to continue?

Saturday, August 21, 2010

On 17 August, I asked "Has Genting SP's sky rocketing price run out of fuel at last?" Price has shown some weakness as it retreated to the short term support of $1.50.  This support was compromised in the last session.  A sell signal on the MACD histogram appeared two sessions ago.  The silver lining is the low volume observed as price weakened.

Lower price and lower trading volume. What does this mean? The momentum oscillator to look at is the MFI. The picture of higher lows on the MFI is still intact. Demand has not crashed. There is no big downswing on the OBV either which suggests a lack of any meaningful distribution.

So, it seems that Genting, thus far, is experiencing a low volume pull back. Time to buy? On 17 August, I suggested $1.30 as a stronger support because it is "a candlestick resistance level which took many sessions to be overcome".  Has the picture changed?

The 20dMA has moved higher up and would provide immediate support in case of a sustained pullback.  It is currently at $1.35 which happens to be the low of 13 Aug.  Traders would remember this day as the day the counter gapped up on high volume. Expecting some support at $1.35, therefore.

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