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Courage Marine: Awakening.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

On 11 Sep, a reader, Wong, asked if it would be a good idea to accumulate more units at 18c.  I avoided giving a straight answer as usual and replied:

"If you have excess funds lying around and if you think that the shipping industry has turned the corner, 18c seems inexpensive.

"If you already have a large investment in Courage Marine, then, you have to question how comfortable are you to increase exposure to this company.

"In my opinion, Courage Marine is fundamentally sound. If there should be nasty surprises in the macroeconomic environment, Courage Marine would most probably survive because of its strong balance sheet. Shipping is a cyclical business. We have to ride the waves.

Courage Marine's share price has been trapped in a range between 18.5c and 19.5c for a long time and there are some whom I "overheard" in Bully the Bear's cbox being sick of holding on to the shares.  Patience is a rare commodity, after all.

With more people conversant in TA, charts are revealing its secrets to more market participants and there was a huge sell queue at 19.5c today as many recognise it as a strong resistance. However, there was heavy buying up in the first half hour of trading and 3,696 lots were bought up at 19.5c.  Trading volume is also impressive so far with a total of 5,247 lots changing hands.

Is Courage Marine awakening? If the resistance at 19.5c is taken out convincingly, it could very much be the case. Good luck to fellow shareholders.

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Wong said...

Hi AK71
If 19.5c is taken, what will be the next resistance Courage Mar wil face?

AK71 said...

Hi Wong,

I see a significant resistance after 19.5c at 21.5c. This was the neckline of a failed double bottom formation earlier this year. If 21.5c could be taken out, price could potentially go as high as 25.5c.

Good luck to us all. :)

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