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Treasury China Trust: A chat with Nick.

Friday, September 3, 2010

While chatting with Nick earlier this evening in LP's cbox, he said that he is looking at Treasury China Trust (TCT). A trust to consider for passive income plus growth, perhaps? The following exchange is reproduced with Nick's permission:

Nick @ Home: Treasury China Trust is an interesting company to ride the property boom in China. I must study it more
Nick @ Home: Trading at 70% discount to its NAV......
AK71 @ home: 70% discount to NAV?!
Nick @ Home: Yea...despite owning 3 high quality assets
AK71 @ home: what's the gearing?
Nick @ Home: 35%
Nick @ Home: Debt: S$658 million. Asset: $1.94 billion
AK71 @ home: debt profile?
Nick @ Home: Debts was recently refinanced...mature in 2015
Nick @ Home: Interest expense will be halved
AK71 @ home: hmmm... nice yield?
Nick @ Home: DPU forecast is $0.05. They will use equity (profits earned from property sales last year) to fund dividend payout near term. Once their development projects come online, they expect cash-flow to triple.
Nick @ Home: From now to 2012, dividend payout ratio will be 80% after which it will drop to 50% to fund more development projects
AK71 @ home: very promising... sounds tempting
Nick @ Home: This year yield will be around 3%...I guess with the rising rentals and lower interest expense, DPU can rise in 2012, its development projects come online and DPU should increase significantly
Nick @ Home: But being a development trust, it has a growth element inside unlike a REIT
Nick @ Home: So its yield won't be high but it more growth potential since they can build and sell assets to other REITs haha
AK71 @ home: huge interest in the last 2 sessions
Nick @ Home: Yea...they announced that they renew their lease at over 8% higher rates
AK71 @ home: short term overbought but very strong momentum...
AK71 @ home: $1.60 is resistance turned support... can consider
Nick @ Home:
Nick @ Home: JP Morgan gave a very bullish report on 16 August
Nick @ Home: available in the tct website

JP Morgan's report at this link:


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