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Genting SP: 38.2% Fibo.

Monday, October 4, 2010

On 1 Oct, I mentioned that "I feel that a resumption of a downward movement towards the 50dMA is likely and that further upside could be capped by the 38.2% Fibo line at $2.05."

Today, an effort to further advance the rebound in the last session sputtered as price hit a high of $2.10 only to retreat to close to $2.04, 1c lower than the resistance identified at $2.05. A white candle with a long upper wick was formed, suggesting the presence of strong selling pressure as price tried to move higher.

Immediate support is now at $2.00, underpinned by the rising 20dMA, on top of being a many times tested support and resistance level.  Immediate resistance remains at $2.05.

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