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SPH: Negative divergence.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

SPH's volume exploded as it declared a dividend of 20c to be paid in December. However, the explosion in volume only managed to produce a doji yesterday.  Not good.  Higher volume but price remained stagnant which means that the bears were too strong for the bulls.  Today, price plunged below the 20dMA ($4.20) to close at $4.18 on comparatively high volume.

I guess the market does not like the announcement that SPH "will restore the remaining portion of the pay cuts introduced in April 2009. In addition, SPH will give a special one-off sum to staff to thank them for the sacrifice and contributions they have made. These payments will take effect by January 2011 and will effectively restore the pay cuts in full. They will be paid together with the usual increments, and profit and performance related bonuses." Read announcement here.

Looking at the MACD, we see lower highs formed as price formed higher highs.  This negative divergence is a warning that recent price appreciation in the blue chip could be unsustainable.  $4.20 could be support turned resistance.  This needs confirmation.  

Next support is at $4.13 which is underpinned by the rising 50dMA on top of being a natural candlestick support level.  The uptrendline approximates the 50dMA and the lower Bollinger band at $4.10.  A break below this trendline would signal the end of the existing uptrend.  We could see a new and gentler uptrend forming if the 100dMA (now at $4.00) or the 200dMA (now at $3.91) hold up as the next support levels.

I remember someone asking me if it was too late to buy into SPH yesterday, if it was too expensive.  I guess the answer could either be found in the fundamentals or the technicals.  Technically, $4.10 to $4.13 seem to be pretty ok entry prices but if these go, there could be as much as a 5% downside which could be covered by the 20c dividend in December anyway.  Just my thoughts.  Not an inducement to buy. Vested. ;-)

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