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Capricorn effect, Golden Agriculture, CapitaMalls Asia, Raffles Education and Saizen REIT.

Monday, January 3, 2011

The mountain trekking herbivore did not disappoint as it showed its presence today, sending the STI up by 1.4%. Stock markets in Europe are also higher. "The biggest Asian markets closed higher, as investor confidence was boosted by signs that China's efforts at keeping a lid on inflation may be working....Hong Kong's Hang Seng index rose 400.60 points, or 1.7 percent, to close at 23,436.05, while the South Korean Kospi rose 19.08 points, or 0.9 percent, to finish at 2,070.80." Read article here.

Golden Agriculture moved higher to close at 82c today. Volume although higher is still quite modest. Nonetheless, the bullish crossover on the MACD, breaking out of its downtrend, is encouraging.  The OBV shows continual accumulation while the RSI shows positive momentum.  The MFI, however, has declined below 50%.  MFI is a function of price and volume and the decline reinforces the picture of negative divergence. Support for Golden Agriculture is now a band between 78c to 80c.

CapitaMalls Asia retreated from $1.95 where we find the downtrend resistance line. The counter's downtrend is intact. At the closing price of $1.91, it is supported by the 20dMA. If the support at the 20dMA were to be compromised, the low of $1.83 would be critical as a measure of whether the counter could reverse from its downtrend or go lower. I would keep an eye on the MFI. With a reduction in price and/or volume, the MFI could retest its support.

Raffles Education is rebounding in earnest. The MACD broke out of its downtrend and is rising while the MFI and RSI show positive momentum. OBV shows accumulation. Immediate resistance at 26c.  This is followed by 26.5 which is where we find the declining 50dMA. The most formidable resistance is probably provided by the 100dMA which is at 27.5c. The last time price tested the 100dMA was on 21 Sep 2010. For anyone looking to reduce exposure, selling at resistance in a downtrend is conventional wisdom.

Saizen REIT saw some buying up activity today. Volume achieved was the highest in 3 months on a white candle day. The MACD shows that momentum is positive and improving. OBV shows gradual accumulation. Immediate resistance is at 17c while 17.5c is the top of a basing process that started in April 2010. We could experience strong resistance at 17.5c if ever tested. With the next distribution in March 2011 and probable positive catalyst from the refinancing of YK Shintoku, there is more upside potential for this REIT.


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