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AIMS AMP Capital Industrial REIT: Still bottoming?

Friday, March 25, 2011

It is quite clear that this counter was in a downtrend until two sessions ago when price broke out of a steeper downtrend which started on 17 Feb 2011. Breaking out of the downtrend on very low volume could mean that the counter is starting a period of rangebound trading as it finds a bottom.  If this were true, we could see price trapped between 20c and 21c for a period of time.

Although the MACD histograms formed a higher low, the MACD itself did not although we could see it forming a higher high if the bouyant price action should continue. The higher lows on the MFI are quite obvious and the OBV has flattened in recent sessions. The mad selling down has ceased and the REIT has found support for now.

Fundamentally, it is a value proposition at 20c/unit as it would mean a distribution yield of 10%. With its loans not maturing until almost 3 years later and at a very low interest rate of 2.16%, there is very little risk in parking our funds here if we are looking for high yield investments. It is reasonable to assume, therefore, that its yield should lend support to its current unit price.

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