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AIMS AMP Capital Industrial REIT: Positive divergence.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I am seeing positive divergence in the daily chart. Do you see it? Look at the higher low in the MFI which has just risen out of oversold territory. The upmove could see an immediate target of 21c and it could even test 21.5c before a pull back happens. Good for a trade, perhaps.

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Anonymous said...


Any comment for Cambridge ?I bought in some Cambridge REIT today at .47 and .475 cents. Estimated yield is about 10.2% based of .0484 DPU.

Tony Tan

AK71 said...

Hi Tony,

I think you got in at a good price for a distribution yield of more than 10% per year. Congratulations! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi AK71,

Looking at Cambridge reit, noticed that the earnings is in negative position (around -3%), though with PE around 6 and PB around 0.8, does it still consider a safe/somewhat traded at discounted price, how do you see the potential of this REIT.

Are you vested in this counter?

Currently not vested.


AK71 said...

Hi JJ,

Investing in REITs, I don't look at PE or EPS. Those are ways to value a growth company.

I would look at distribution yield, gearing and NAV. We are investing for income in REITs but we want to make sure that they are not excessively geared.

I believe that Cambridge Industrial Trust is looking up, after having brought down its gearing level by quite a bit. It is also trading at about 10% distribution yield at the moment.

I have a small investment in the trust. :)

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