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Being fallible in dieting and investing.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Added (15 Dec 2016)
I made lunch.

Egg and cheese prata. 
Pan fried with butter.
Lots of black pepper.

Now, read the rest of the blog.

One year ago in December 2015:

Regular readers probably know that AK is on a special diet by now and has enjoyed some early success.

Dieting, like many things in life such as being frugal, requires discipline. Often, people give up after a while because they get too extreme and feel deprived. This applies to both dieting and being frugal. 

What do I mean by feeling deprived? 

It is like meeting a Dementor (as in the fantasy creature from Harry Potter) and having all the happiness sucked out of us because we were denied all the food that made us happy. 

Dieting shouldn't be like that. 

Dieting should be a happy process of discovering ourselves with a healthier body weight.

I shared in an earlier blog post that I find it hard to have zero carbs and zero sugar in my diet. It is especially hard because I have a sweet tooth. 

So, I go for as little carbs and sugar as possible. That is the best I could do.

My weight loss process might be a little slower, as a result, but I am still losing weight. Dieting is not a race. 

Of course, it would be good to be able to lose weight faster but if I must become unhappy to do so, then, the diet can go where the sun never shines.

After several weeks, today, I cheated big time on my diet:

Hot chocolate, cakes and cookies.

It was a real treat! It was also free of charge and that made me feel less guilty about cheating. LOL.

If we are following a diet, being too extreme is not a good idea. A gradual weight loss is better than a drastic one. 

We shouldn't have to be too concerned with being right with what we eat all the time.

This brings to mind what Peter Lynch said about how being right 6 times out of 10 times would make us better than most investors. 

We cannot be right all the time as investors and dieters. We should just aim to be right most of the time and that should make us quite happy.

Added on 24 April 2016:
I find this a pretty good compromise for my diet:

Just another egg omelette with coconut oil and olive oil?

It is filled with curry potato and cheese!

Protein, good fats and good carbohydrates. Yummy too!
Added 17 Jan 17:

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Anonymous said...

Hi AK,

Merry Christmas in advance to you and all fellow blog readers!

Just like to mention that 'treats' and 'scheduled breaks' are incorporated in many weight management programs, and are seen as important components to keep the program participant going.

Good luck!


Unknown said...

Hi AK:)

Maybe we can take many leaves from our elderly parents instead of placing trust on modern dieting literature.
My mother is 89. Copying her diet as much as I can, I hope to live healthily to the longevity median age of women in Singapore.

I can see the energetic efforts you are putting into your new diet regime. Wishing you good success.

Kind Regards.

AK71 said...

Hi Tree,

It is like having to take leave from work to recharge once in a while. It makes a lot of sense. :)

Thanks for the encouragement! :)

AK71 said...

Hi Dorshii,

I think we might also want to remember the seniors had a more active lifestyle in their younger days. I know my maternal grandparents were farmers and also labourers.

Being physically more active probably plays an important part in longevity. :)

Thanks for the encouragement. :)

Eddie said...

Now we know that AK is also a UOB Privilege Banking customer.....or maybe its Privilege Reserve ?

Did you also try the complimentary red wine ? The tannins are also good for the heart !

AK71 said...

Hi Eddie,

I don't drink wine anymore. There is no benefit in alcohol, I read.

However, I do want the polyphenols from red wine. So, I drink concord grape juice but in moderation because it has lots of sugar. :)

Anonymous said...

AK71(47) lose wt become M16 ah?
Dun add M203, later become heavier. :D

hope u achieve ur wt loss tgt...
i m trying to lose 2 more kg and its
like taking 4ever... lose and gain, repeat.

Eh, u confuse me with Tree leow.
that's y i also blur. 2 different person ah.

AK71 said...

You guys have such long alphanumeric nicknames!

A case of mistaken identity? A thousand apologies. -.-"

Anonymous said...

ok one lah, apologies to Tree as well,
"stole" his ID.

I used openid leh, dun noe why they choose such a
nick. simple. i sign off as


Orbital said...

Working at laptop, cell phone, studying stock charts.... more brain activity these days can require more sugar than our ancestors...

nice blog:-)

Anonymous said...

Hi AK and fc,

No issue taken.

For some reason, open ID generates a random string of characters, so I usually identify myself at the end of each comment.


AK71 said...

Hi Tree,

Hey, good to hear from you.

Your alphanumeric ID puts R2D2 and C3PO to shame. ;p

Sy said...

why u have such a strict diet?
zero carbs & zero sugars is really very hard to maintain...
btw, concord grape juice is very sweet, u can try mix with soda mineral water...
taste should be something like F&N grape soda...
; )


AK71 said...

Hi sy sy,

Alamak. Zero carbs? Cannot! I will die!

For a few weeks earlier in the year, I was on low carbs to help lose weight. I have since increased my intake of carbs.

I stop taking concord grape juice liao. Don't like it anymore. ;p

Sy said...

I also trying to loose weight, but cant control my mouth... hehehe
btw, today I go ntuc xtra looking for the concord juice but don't know why, I cant find lay.... weird... :(

AK71 said...

Hi sy sy,

Weight control is 80% diet and 20% exercise. It was a stunning revelation to me. ;)

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