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STI, Golden Agriculture, Capitaland and CapitaMalls Asia.

Monday, May 23, 2011

The STI closed 58.06 points lower at 3,110.48. There is probably some pain and some panic in the air and we have the usual doomsayers out in force today. So, going by what I have said, am I a bull more than a bear? I am neither a bull nor a bear. I like to think that I am a pragmatist.

Most of my portfolio is made up of REITs. Today, we see AIMS AMP Capital Industrial REIT, Sabana REIT, Cache Logistics Trust, First REIT, LMIR, Suntec REIT and even Saizen REIT holding up rather nicely. So, I am not really affected by the sell off.

So, what did I do today?

1. Bought some Golden Agriculture shares at 68.5c a piece. You might remember that I said I sold all my shares in this company by mistake. I really want to keep some of its shares, believing in the longer term future of crude palm oil. The share price closed at 69c today.

I am not firing all my guns yet because we have to be wary of a potential head and shoulders formation. The neckline of this formation approximates 65c. If 65c were to be tested successfully on lower volume, we could add more aggressively to our long positions believing that, probably, the longer term uptrend is still intact. Of course, there is no way of knowing. So, I hedge by buying at supports. 66.5c support, if tested, would see me buying more. After all, buying at supports in an uptrend is conventional wisdom.

2. Although the trading volume of Capitaland increased today compared to the session before, it is still quite low if we compare it to 11 and 12 May which were black candle days too. Today, a black spinning top was formed and this is a reversal signal.  It needs confirmation, of course. Well, will price move lower? It could, of course. Keep an eye on $3.08, the previous low. It has to hold up in order for price to have a better chance of a near term rebound.

I bought more shares at $3.10 a piece today. This is a hedge as a retest of the previous low is a relatively safe entry as I am, after all, buying at supports. However, bearing in mind that supports can easily become resistance in a downtrend, the additional investment is a smallish one.

3. There is some similarity between CapitaMalls Asia's chart and Capitaland's. The volume is relatively lower compared to the volume back when the previous low was formed. I am also on the lookout for a possible positive divergence between the MACD and price.

I bought more shares at $1.60 a piece today as there seems to be a lot of fear in the air.


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