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Flew United Airlines SG-Japan-USA (but never again).

Monday, November 19, 2012

Added on 12 April 2017:

OMG! This is what they do on United Airlines these days?

I won't fly United Airlines anymore.

I am back! It is good to be home.

It has been a while since I went on a trip to the USA. I no longer enjoy very long flights and flying to the USA takes a VERY long time. 

Then, there is the time difference which I find harder to adjust to as I grow older. 

Then, there are all those pre-dawn flights which means being at the airport at 3 or 4am which means waking up in the middle of the night. 

Then, there is the returning to Singapore past midnight. Really tiring.

There is always a need to layover in an Asian city and although some would complain about this, I actually enjoy such layovers. 

I always fly American airlines like UnitedNorthwest or Delta to the USA and the layovers are always in Narita, Japan. 

It is the same this time.

A two to three hours layover is just about right. I would have enough time to have a hot meal and do some window shopping in the airport as well. 

On this trip, I had a bowl of hot udon soup on my outbound journey and a very delicious cheese and ham toast on my inbound journey.

Many hungry for a hot meal!
A bowl of hot udon soup for 750 Yen. Think this is expensive? Try ordering the same in the USA!
DOUTOR has more than 900 outlets in Japan! 
Croque Monsieur is a toast with three types of cheese and ham!
Add a bottle of Genmai Cha for 550 Yen. Heavenly!

Ah, makes me feel like going on a holiday to Japan again. The JPY has weakened quite a bit since my last trip in December 2011. Should I? Hmm...

See photos of my December 2011 trip to Japan: here.


B said...

Hi AK71

Welcome back!!! hahaha...

Why not? You are earning so much that you can realistically take a year off break and still lives off well from your dividend :)

I'll be going to JP next summer for my honeymoon as well :)

AK71 said...

Hi B,

Thank you. :)

A year off from work sounds nice but it would be hard to pick up again from where I left off. So, if I did plan on a long trip, I would retire from work totally. That way, I make a clean break and would not have to worry about what's happening at work at all.

You will enjoy Japan. :)

I do miss the cheap Yen. Imagine it was $12.5 to 1000 Yen just a few years ago. Nice.

Of course, a cheap Yen would affect my income from Saizen REIT. Well, can't have it all. ;p

Singapore Man of Leisure said...


Hey! Welcome back too!

It took me 4 days to "recover" from Shanghai trip!? No time difference and only 5 hours away...

It must be age. Or maybe its due to I walked like nobody business over there!


And I am sure the Japanese exporters are missing the cheap Yen like you ;)

Not many Singaporeans appreciate the strong SGD policy.

But it's double-edged. It also meant Singaporeans have less experience (or see the need) in diversifying against political risks or hedging against the stupidity of populist politicians.

Unknown said...

Ah, so you were away and my email was just in time :) Welcome back! Hmm where did you go in USA?

AK71 said...


Welcome back to Singapore too!

4 days? I hope I recover in as many days although the time difference is a bummer. I should still be sleeping if I were in the USA now... zzzz...

I walked a lot in the USA too. Didn't have my car and taxi rides there are expensive!

A strong S$ is definitely a double edged sword. Well, take the good with the bad. Can't complain, can we? This is life.

How much of our wealth is actually linked to economics? How much economics is linked to politics? Therefore, how much of our wealth is linked to politics? Aiyoh, I blur liao... ;p

AK71 said...

Hi Ling,

Indeed. :)

I was in the mid west and the west coast. Cold. Brr... And dry... Ouch.

Cory said...

Coincidentally I just came back this Mon from State as well except this time I requested for change from via jap route to direct flight to Taiwan this time else we may have met for udon mee in Narita lol.

(Grabbed my Surface while there)

AK71 said...

Hi Cory,

Ah, you are lucky because there are direct flights from USA to Hong Kong and Taiwan. I don't think there is one for Singapore unless I fly SQ.

I didn't grab any Surface, I grabbed some sleep whenever I could...

Howard said...

Welcome back AK. Was wondering where you are as you have gone MIA. LOL...

Why you no grab a Surface?

AK71 said...

Hi Howyuan,

Thanks. I did mention in replies to comments that I would be going away before I went away. ;)

What is a Surface? I googled the word just. Ooh, new notebook from Microsoft. Pardon me but I am very slow when it comes to these things. I did walk into an Apple Shop though. ;p

I don't think I need a Surface, do I?

Ray said...

Hi AK,

Ogenki desuka? (Loosely translated to - How are you doing?)

Nice to have you back!

AK71 said...

Hi Ray,

Thanks. :)

I am still suffering from jet lag. :(

In recent days, I was not able to wake up automatically in the mornings at 7.50am. This is partly because I would only fall asleep at 3am. Just now, I fell asleep at my desk at work. Yikes! Never happen before!

Too old to go west...

EY said...

Hi AK,

Welcome back!

But you have just incriminated yourself! *GASPS* You told the WHOLE world that you fell asleep on your job!!! Hahahaha...

Seriously, thanks for the very informative posts on First Reit and Olam. Hope you've recovered from your jet-lag.

Have a great day!


AK71 said...

Hi Endrene,

Thank you. :)

Well, lucky I am not a forklift operator or bus driver. Imagine falling asleep on the job then...

The last time I went to the USA, I took more than a week to recover. It could take as long or longer this time. It gets worse as I grow older. :(


AK71 said...

I won't fly United Airlines anymore.

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