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Sensible wife and lucky husband!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Thinking of getting married soon?

Say anything you want about her but I think this lady has a sensible head on her shoulders. She and her man could afford to spend more on their wedding but they chose not to.

Apart from saving lots of money, what they did was also good for the environment as they cut down on excesses. What would she have done with the wedding gown after the whole event was over if she had gone ahead and bought one, for example?

She didn't even ask for a diamond ring from the man! She asked for a simple gold band!

Sensible wife and lucky husband.

Well, if you are worried for the economy, don't be.

Many Singaporeans are still willing to splurge on their weddings and contribute to our country's GDP.

Hey, if you are thinking of splurging on your wedding, go ahead. Don't let anyone stop you. It is your wedding and you have to be happy! :)

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Elaine said...


Thanks for sharing! This sure reminds me on how my hubby and I struggled and made our choices 10 years ago.

We went for a simple affair, spent less than $10K on our renovations, settled for a $100 dining set from Ikea..... and the diamond ring only came 5 years later!

Diamond ring vs investment in unit trust (we were ignorent then.. ha!)
-- we chose the latter.

I have to admit i was quite envious of my girlfriends with their huge bling blings.... but we made our choice and started our marriage debt-free!

AK71 said...

Hi Elaine,

You chose to be prudent and debt free. You chose to delay gratification and to stay invested. Good on you! :)

This reminds me of what Jim Rogers shared on how he told his wife not to buy a sofa she liked but to wait. The money was invested and they got the sofa for "free" later on from returns on the investment.

When I got my own apartment a few years ago, I spent a total of S$8k doing up the place and moved in within 2 weeks!

Furniture from IKEA, curtains, blinds, lights, 26" CHIMEI LCD TV, small 2 door fridge, top loading $329 washing machine amongst other things. Friends were surprised. S$8k? Haha... These days, I am less tight fisted. ;)

Some people are plain lucky to be born rich. For the rest of us, we have to work harder, save more and invest wisely if we ever want to be richer. :)

JJ said...

Hi AK,

When is your turn? Coming... Congrats! Not yet, also congrats, don't need to burn a big hole in your pocket.

This is once in a lifetime event, for others maybe 2nd or 3rd times, most importantly, spend within your means, be happy and forever loving,

Wedding vows! I do, you do, we do! Do you believe in everlasting love? ;p

AK71 said...

Hi JJ,

Well, I will leave it to Fate. I am in no hurry. If it happens, it happens. ;)

I have a friend in his 50s who is living on a shoe string budget because he had 3 divorces and he told me that his ex-wives are all receiving monthly maintenance from him! Nightmare!

You sound like a new age sensitive guy! Your girlfriend/fiancee/wife (circle whichever is applicable) is very lucky. ;)

SnOOpy168 said...

for such an important affair, if I receive an invitation via whatsapp, FB msg or tag, the ang pow will be discounted accordingly AND the priority & desire of my time to attend will be scaled down as well. Of course, reminders and follow up calls are most welcomed.

On a note, I think she made good choice and efforts too. The $$$ can be better spend elsewhere. Perhaps some "face" are traded in for the use of freebies & 2nd hand / hand me downs. But then if both couple agrees, why not ?

The wedding excesses can really pile up and negative bank balance at the end of the day is commonly expected. Look at the smile on the couple's faces at the end of the wedding dinner. Their 姐妹 would have reported to them, the short falls.

then comes that baby bill......(another episode on AK's blog)..

JJ said...

Hi AK,

Seriously, dating is still the best, everything is ok, no problem, so... sweet and perfect.

Wow.. your friend, god must bless him!

To all.... Single/Married/Divorce be happy, must love yourself !

AK, this CNY go where BI NIAN?

* Hello, people call me Miss, Mdm, Aunty

AK71 said...

Hi SnOOpy168,

I so agree that money saved could be put to good use elsewhere.

As for face, as I grow older, I care less about it when it comes to money matters especially. Evolution? Haha... ;p

See how I blog about stuff I own and the kind of food I eat? Lose face liao lor! :(

AK71 said...

Hi JJ,

No commitment! I like. ;)

If I do go away to bi nian, you would know because I won't be blogging then. Haven't quite decided what to do yet, actually.

Thanks to JJ Lin, I just assumed that you are a guy. Begging your pardon, madam. ;p

yeh said...

Haha, me n my hubby didn't held any wedding banquet. also, we spent less than 10k for our house renovation.we also don't buy car although we can afford.
I earn more than my hubby, so I don't expect anything from him.

AK71 said...

Hi yeh,

You have a very lucky husband. Confirmed, chopped and signed! :) said...

hi AK
this post is so timely ! my closest girlfriend is getting hitched and i tell you, we are struggling to manage it on a shoestring budget! It's a really stressful process as I see her fret about the costs/venue/cards/decor and "quarrel" over this with him (I mean couple have broken up over the wedding planning) So I will forward her the video link! At the end of the day it is really managing expectations. Anyway I hv been conned to be the MC :( very stressed now ! My advice to others getting married - just elope ! wahahahha

AK71 said...

Hi EL,

I hope I remember your initials correctly. My memory is a bit patchy. ;)

I have heard from friends how wedding preparations can be really stressful. It is also possible to have couples breaking up because of the stress, I guess, especially when it involves money. :(

Anyway, I am impressed with the bride in these video clips and I hope the clips give your friend some ideas on how to cut costs. :) said...

HEE yes your memory serves you well AK!! E for Elsie L for surname ... Yes no worries the wedding shall come to pass !! :) you gave them free ad on their biz which I checked out so kind of you lol

AK71 said...

Hi Elsie,

I like supporting small businesses which are environmentally friendly. Not only is this business green, it also helps people in saving money! So, I am only too happy to help spread the word. :)

It fits in well with my blog's mission! ;)

Unknown said...

Hi AK,

I'm in a dilemma with today's selfish perception of the society. Must it be justifiable to judge and critique other couple(s) wedding budget when his/her wedding isn't the most grandeur nor luxuriant one?

I do have a friend of mine who drove Maserati, spurge pricey wedding tag and will like those critiques to feel resented and remorseful.

Wedding, elegant or simple, is not judged by monetary means but factors like liquidity position and life-long planning.

Mere my 0.5 cents worth.

Warmest Regards,

Unknown said...

Don't know how true is the following article touch on Diamond, have a read :)

Have You Ever Tried to Sell a Diamond? said...

Absolutely agree ! I already planning to list some of my clutter hahha and maybe my girlfriend can rent her dream wedding gown from their site ! Keep up the good work :))

AK71 said...

Hi Ken,

I once told a group of friends that they might form the majority but it does not mean that they are right. The worst method of resolving disagreements in such instances is by popular vote. ;)

A wedding at its simplest is just the coming together of two people who are in love and who are willing to make a lifelong commitment to each other.

Society tends to complicate things. Unfortunately, few people are able to disregard the demands of society as we are all part of it.

How deeply entrenched are certain conventions and values in our psyche? We might not ever truly know.

I salute this couple, especially the lady, as they dared to be different and for all the good it did too. :)

AK71 said...

Hi CW Yong,

Thank you for sharing the link. I have no doubt that diamonds are beautiful. Personally, I find them mesmerising too. :)

However, I also have no doubt that the demand for diamonds is really driven by clever marketing. ;)

AK71 said...

Hi Elsie,

I should do something about the clutter in my life too. haha...

I will be moving into a hut in the sky two years from now. I will be needing some decluttering, I am sure. ;p

Ray said...

I'm glad to say my wife is sensible and prudent in spending too.
she didn't mind having our wedding at restaurant and not at the hiltons or conrads. She was ok with a diamond ring from SK instead of Tiff's

She planned our monthly budget and doesn't splurge on dresses or shoes.

I'm glad I married her. :)

AK71 said...

Hi Ray,

I am so happy for you. :)

You know I always tell my friends that getting married is like choosing the right stock to invest in.

Choose the right stock and we are rewarded. Choose the wrong stock and we could end up with nothing.

You did your FA well! ;)

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