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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

In my last blog post, some readers thought that the photos were of my home.

Nope. Too luxurious. 

Anyway, curiosity is only natural and since I took some photos of my place a couple of years ago, here they are:

Main entrance to my home on the right.

I gave away the TV console and LCD TV to my sister.

Kitchen with inexpensive washing machine and fridge.

The rather small guest room which was rented out to a friend.


My bedroom.

This is SPARTA!

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Gary said...

Looks cosy! =)

AK71 said...

Hi Gary,

You think so? I think it is the lighting. :)

Well, my new place will be even "cosier" since it will be 54% smaller than this! A hut in the sky! ;p

My 15HWW said...

Hi Ak71,

There's a cooler word to describe it: Minimalist!

Nice of you to share photos. What's impressive is there is almost no clutter too!

You make a good role model for newbies who are into voluntary simplicity.

Steven said...

Hi AK,

For someone who uses his dividends to go on holidays, You should really set aside a bit more on your house... You deserve better...

Dont need to show off, but just need to make your house a bit better, beds, etc...

Best Regards,

AK71 said...

Hi Stoical Keynes,

I must be honest. The clutter is hidden in the bomb shelter. Can you spot the door to the bomb shelter in one of the photos? ;p

Small Time Investor said...

Truely inspirational Ak71. Not many people can live simply nowadays.

AK71 said...

Hi Steven,

Although I was not really struggling, 6 or 7 years ago, financially, I wasn't as comfortable as I am today.

Also, I knew I would sell the place one day. So, it didn't make sense to me to spend too much to do up the place.

OK, I will keep your suggestion in mind when I am furnishing my future hut in the sky. Being less than half the size of my old place, it shouldn't cost too much to do up. ;p

Singapore Man of Leisure said...


First thing that came to mind when I saw the Harry Potter bedsheets - 宅男?


Psst. If you are into bringing girls home, use satin sheets ;)

Personally I am more a leather over naked skin kind of guy, but girls just dig satin.

Hey! Don't look at me! Just ask your sis :)

AK71 said...

Hi ST Investor,

Like the short form of your nickname? If I were to fully abbreviate, it would be "STI"! ;)

I didn't plan on inspiring readers with photos of my old place. So, if you find them inspiring, I guess it is a bonus. :)

AK71 said...


I have been called that before by some friends from Taiwan. LOL. They told me it is not a good thing. :(

Anyway, I know what I like and what I don't. Just have to stay as true to myself as possible, I guess. Sounds like an ad. LOL.

You into leather? Wah. Got chains or not? ;p

SGYI said...

Hi AK,

This is what I call simplicity. Nice and cosy. Sometimes we don't need all the fancy things to be happy.

Your home is definitely not spartan. At least its a condo :p
Am I right? Lol

AK71 said...


As I grow older, I realise that I have less wants. So, I think growing older helps although I am not sure if it is true for everyone.

Yup, it was a 2 bedroom condo unit in D3. The purchase was a blend of consumption and investment. :)

Singapore Man of Leisure said...


Leather and lace ;)

Chains too cold; not my thing.

You watch manga, into RPG... Eh? You into cosplay?

The HK cosplay scene is very vibrant at the HK Cultural Centre.

Last time I too shy to take their pictures :(

Next time I will ask their permission. I think it's quite fun to see little boys and girls playing dress up!


P.S. Is there a cosplay scene in Singapore?

la papillion said...

Hi AK,

First, nice bedsheets! (I mean the harry potter one). Second, you need a bookshelf :)

If I live alone, it'll be somewhat like this too. Simple, uncluttered and most imptly, easy to maintain. I'll put more plants too.

AK71 said...


I am trying to figure out your fashion sense and what you might wear. Leather and lace. Aiyoh! I am having difficulty with this! -.-"

I had to Google "cosplay" to find out what it is! You are more in sync with such stuff than I am! I am impressed!

You thinking of starting a SMOL cosplay club here?

Gary said...

Can I visit your new place??? lolx!

SGYI said...

Hi SMOL and AK,

Cosplay is in Singapore. But very limited. There's an AFA (Anime festival asia) event next week at suntec. There you'll see people dressing up as anime characters. Haha

I'm not really into it anyway :p

AK71 said...

Hi LP,

Thank you. I got the bedsheets on a visit to K.L. years ago. There was a 50% discount. ;p

Not everyone likes HP though. A reader commented in my FB wall that he didn't like the HP bedsheets. :(

It used to take me 6 hours to do a thorough cleaning of this apartment. Seriously tiring.

Bookshelves... I have floor to ceiling bookshelves in my study in my parents' place. ;p

This place was a blend of consumption and investment. I knew I would sell it one day. Not a good idea to have too many things. Would be a nightmare to move house. :)

AK71 said...

Hi Gary,

My new place is unfit for humans. Very anti-social little pigeon hole. Perfect for me since I don't have any social life. LOL.

I will do the next best thing. I take photos and share here. OK? ;)

AK71 said...


Wah! You and SMOL will get along just fine! I really didn't know about such things. Oh, well, with my kind of life, I don't know about many things anyway. I am a frog in a well. -.-"

Singapore Man of Leisure said...

1) SGYI,

Thanks! I'll check it out ;)

There's a symbiotic relationship between photographers and cosplay hobbyists. Let's hope I survive without being branded as the "weird weird uncle"... LOL!

2) AK,

So that's what you do in your spare time. Role play Shakespeare's Macbeth:

"Out, damn spot, out I say!"

AK71 said...


I actually played Othello before a long, long time ago. Hahaha... ;p

"Put out the light and then put out the light..."

AK71 said...

Fumio Sasaki's one-room Tokyo apartment is so stark friends liken it to an interrogation room. He owns three shirts, four pairs of trousers, four pairs of socks and a meager scattering of various other items.

Money isn't the issue. The 36-year-old editor has made a conscious lifestyle choice, joining a growing number of Japanese deciding that less is more.

Influenced by the spare aesthetic of Japan's traditional Zen Buddhism, these minimalists buck the norm in a fervently consumerist society by dramatically paring back their possessions.

Sasaki, once a passionate collector of books, CDs and DVDs, became tired of keeping up with trends two years ago. "I kept thinking about what I did not own, what was missing," he said.

He spent the next year selling possessions or giving them to friends. "Spending less time on cleaning or shopping means I have more time to spend with friends, go out, or travel on my days off. I have become a lot more active," he said.


TT said...

What about posting some pic of the new cave?

AK71 said...

Hi TT,

My current cave? If I ever move out of this cave into a new one, I might. ;p

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