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Invest X Congress: The writing is on the wall!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

I received many emails after the conclusion of Invest X Congress 2014. I am honestly quite overwhelmed. Many of these emails moved me and some made me laugh. I am sharing a photo which made me laugh so hard that I almost fell off my chair but, first, the emails:

Hi AK,
I thought I will 打铁趁热 and show you what I stick on my office wall as a reminder to do better. Thanks for sharing in the Invest X event; looking forward to see you in action again.

My reply:

Hi Y,

Oh, I remember this slide. I said something like "One look, you can tell not written by me." LOL! ;p

Take away the definite article "the" and we will get:

"Never need to utilise our earned income for expenses."

I zoomed in and when I saw what you added in the bottom right hand corner, I laughed and almost fell off my chair! LOL!

Gambatte! :D

Best wishes,

Now, the photo:

I couldn't quite see what was in the bottom right hand corner and so I zoomed in:


Certainly gives the saying "the writing is on the wall" a twist!

Thanks for brightening up my day.

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Gary said...


Stoical Keynes said...

Hi AK,

Judging by the many posts on this Congress, you must have had a blast there!

Guess it was the right decision to reach out to an even wider audience?

Will definitely try to make it if you make another "public" appearance again! =)

AK71 said...

Hi Keynes,

To tell you the truth, I am quite taken aback myself.

I didn't believe that making a physical appearance would actually make a difference. I mean why would it? However, I was persuaded by my friends at The Fifth Person to give it a chance.

Although I blog frequently and all the stuff I would like to share, I have here in my blog, they were convinced that a public appearance would allow me to create a bigger impact and be an inspiration to many more. They were right.

It was an eye-opener and a great experience. :)

Wei Qiang Tan said...

I was in the audience that day and I could tell a lot of people just came to hear you speak! I have probably read your blog for >3 years now and I remember the time when you almost wanted to take a pause from blogging. I'm so glad that you still contribute regularly today. I wish you great health and a sharp mind to share with your avid readers out there!

AK71 said...

Hi Wei Qiang,

When I asked for a show of hands from my readers in the audience, it was an "OMG" moment!

Yes, I am glad I did not stop blogging that time. Actually, apart from that time, I came very close to calling it quits a couple more times. ;p

If I should stop blogging for a while in the near future, it would probably be because I need a break. This is not improbable. Too much of a good thing can be bad too, right? ;p

Anyway, thank you so much for your encouragement. I appreciate it. :)

AK71 said...

I have only allowed myself to be recorded 4 times so far as AK, the blogger, in interviews and talks. Each time, after the recording, I would look back and decide that I could have done better. Unlike blogging which allows me to check and check again before publishing, there is no such luxury in a real time recording. In fact, blogs allow editing at a later date too if i said something inappropriate or if i had to clarify certain points. Can't do that with recorded interviews and talks. Maybe, I shouldn't do it anymore. Haha. -.-"

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