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Get a new HEPA filter and breathe cleaner air while in bed.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

I blogged about how I have a Sharp air purifier in my room even before the very bad haze experienced last year. What makes an air purifier works is really the HEPA filter that is inside.

"High-efficiency particulate air or HEPA is a type of air filter. HEPA filters are designed to target much smaller pollutants and particles." (Source: Wikipedia)

A HEPA filter.

Those who have a HEPA filter air purifier will know that the HEPA filter comes wrapped in a plastic bag and has to be installed in the machine. Once exposed to the environment, the filter has a lifespan of 2 years. It says so in the manual.

However, I have people tell me that they don't ever change the filter because the machine still works. Well, the machine could be working but the filter is probably degraded so badly that it no longer works to filter out harmful particles. In fact, it could be paying out harmful particles if it is badly degraded.

Anyway, if you own a HEPA filter air purifier and you have not changed the filter in 2 years or more, you might want to get it changed. Of course, you would have to clean the inside of the machine before installing the new filter too.

If you are still not convinced that the filter has to be changed, I changed mine today and here are the photos:

Old HEPA filter.

New HEPA filter.

The filters used to be available in Courts, Best Denki or Harvey Norman but they no longer stock them. I had to go to Sharp's Authorised Service Centre at Alexandra to get the filter. Not very convenient but it is worth the trouble to have clean air in my bedroom while I sleep:

Oh, it is cheaper to get a new HEPA filter than to buy a new air purifier, in case you are wondering. It costs just a bit more than $70 for the model of air purifier that I have.

This is not an advertorial.

This is just AK being kaypoh again.

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Ray said...

thanks AK!
I was thinking of replacing / stocking up on the HEPA filters but dont know where to find them! :)

AK71 said...

Hi Ray,

I thought of stocking up as well but decided not to because 2 years is a relatively long time. What if the machine breaks down and the model is discontinued later on? Then, I would be stuck with the filters. -.-"

Matt said...


Don't stock up on HEPA filters. The sealant material used for the filter is usually made of polyurethane (used to seal the filter material to the filter frame to prevent leakage of air)and it can crack with age even if it is not used.

The filter actually becomes more efficient when it traps more dirt as it fills up the gaps and prevents particles from passing through. The down side is that less air passes through as the pressure drop across the filter increases unless you can increase the fan static pressure to push more air through.

When there is less air passing through, first, replace or clean the pre-filter. If there is still not much air passing through, it is time to change the HEPA filter.

AK71 said...

Hi Matt,

Sounds like you are in the business. Thanks for the advice. ;)

I am glad I did not stock up on the filter now although my reason for not doing so was different from the one you gave. :)

Ray said...

LOL i was more worried about a working machine that ran out of clean filters. coz I bought 3 machines (for my child and my parents / grandma) so filters should have its use somehow :)

AK71 said...

Hi Ray,

Oh, you have multiple machines. Then, you want to call Sharp pronto because they told me they only had 3 HEPA filters left for the model I own when I visited yesterday. I don't know if you have the same model I have which is FU-Y30E.

Anic said...

Thanks for being kepoh... please kepoh more.. :) I have a sharp air purifier and thought that i could just use it forever...

AK71 said...

Hi Anic,

Unfortunately, no. I would love to have a HEPA filter that lasts forever. ;p

The old filter was actually quite disgusting when I removed it. You might want to wear a surgical mask when performing the replacement. -.-"

AK71 said...

With the haze situation not improving, especially if you have children and old folks at home, if you have an air purifier, very good.

However, please check to make sure that the HEPA filter is still good. The manufacturer will usually provide instructions as to how often they should be changed.

In my case, it is recommended to change the HEPA filter every 2 years.

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