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Getting up to speed and a nice surprise!

Thursday, August 13, 2015

I was away for a short holiday with my parents and I am now trying to get up to speed.

Lots of emails, comments and messages to reply to. I think most will know how it is like.

In case you are interested in what I did during my vacation, visit my travel blog: here. I will have more updates in the next day or two.

OK, as I was getting up to speed, I received a nice surprise.

See the following email dated 12 August 2015 from a reader. That's just yesterday:

Hey AK,
Will like to congratulate you on this first, know how much it means to you. Top 500 sites in Singapore, taken at 510pm.
You have done a great job in promoting financial literacy and educating Singaporeans. It is not easy to maintain a site and you have done it for 6 long years.  
Congrats AK!

And the attachment:

Yeah! And I wasn't even blogging in the last few days.

Thanks, everybody, for being so forgiving and for making me smile.

OK, I just checked. It seems like it was a touch and go. ASSI's rank is now 511 in Singapore.

Haha... ;p

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