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AK shares 5 reasons to buy a diesel car.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

By now, many readers have found out that AK bought an "inexpensive expensive" car.  Why the peculiar phrase?

Well, the car might be from an "atas" brand but it is rather inexpensive to run and it is also less costly to the environment. Yup, the car runs on diesel.

I love my new car and if you are wondering what is so good about a car that runs on diesel, here are 5 reasons to consider one:

1. Diesel cars are less expensive to buy than their equivalent petrol versions with the CEVS. What is CEVS? Carbon Emission-Based Vehicle Scheme. Cars that produce less CO2 will enjoy subsidies and it could be a big $XX,XXX deal!

2. Amazing fuel economy! I could get as much as 20km per litre with relatively smooth traffic on the expressways. What about driving about town? If not caught in a traffic jam, I could get as much as 15km per litre.

3. Diesel is much cheaper to buy compared to petrol. When the time comes to refuel, remember that 95 Octane petrol costs about 80% more than diesel here in Singapore! After all the discounts at the pump, I pay about 82 cents a litre for diesel only. Yes, I know, only.

4. Diesel cars are cleaner these days. Hey, Euro 5 standard, ok? Don't refuel with cheaper diesel from across the Causeway. Those have higher sulphur content. They are still stuck at a lower standard. Later, your diesel car "poon orh yen" (i.e. spew black smoke) like those J.B. trucks, don't say diesel cars no good hor.

5. More torque! I really love this! You must experience this for yourself. My car flies and I thought my old car was good! I am still learning to be very gentle on the accelerator.

Although I have already granted ROFR (i.e. right of first refusal) for this car to a friend who bought my last car, I might just drive this one for the full 10 years. 

I am in love.

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In the comments section, a reader shared with me that diesel cars give off other types of pollutants. Cham. How like that?


FFE said...

Hi AK,

I hope you don't mind me correcting you regarding the environmental aspect of diesel cars.

Yes, diesel do produce less CO2 but it produces a lot more NO2 which causes way more physiological harm.

That's why London's air is considered one of the most polluted now due to the high level of NO2.


FFE said...

AK71 said...


At the end of this blog post, I also shared a link you shared with me in an earlier blog post. Kamsiah you. ;)

ys said...

So mean no way can go Malaysia right?

FFE said...

Hi AK,

Paiseh. I only noticed that you included my comment at the end of the post, only after I submitted my recent comments. Lol.

AK71 said...

Hi ys,

Well, no long road trips that would require refueling, I suppose. ;p

Good point but lucky I stop driving into Malaysia years ago. Scared. -.-"

AK71 said...


It's OK. I know you are not alone in this respect. ;)

Anyway, genuine sharing is always welcome here. :)

chrisyoong said...

I see you bought the BMW 216d Grand Tourer... I was considering this car as well... did you consider the higher road tax that goes with diesel?

AK71 said...

Hi Chris,

Er... I did not say which car I bought wor. ;p

The road tax is some $500 higher per year compared to a petrol car of equivalent cc. I think this is quite acceptable, given the more efficient engine (i.e. lower consumption) and also much lower price of diesel.

victorlsl1 said...

Grand tourer? Now we have something in common! Fuel savings much more than the road tax penalty

AK71 said...

Good morning!
How your diesel car ride?
Use to the high torque and rattling sound?
I am still waiting for the 'right' time to change my 9+ yr old car. May consider diesel car for low fuel price.

Super! I like!

AK71 said...

Assi AK:
I really like my diesel car... Lots of power in a tiny engine. More fuel efficient than petrol. Cost less to feed too.

Daniel Cheng:
Environmental friendly or not... economics considerations still comes 1st.

Assi AK:
Must be wallet friendly. ;)
I was attracted to hybrid cars for a while but they were so pricey...

Aaron Lim:
Now there is 1.2 litre car with Turbo too.
Mitsubishi Attrage & Nissan Qashai 20km per litre.

Assi AK:
I looked at the Attrage before but I got a "duh, so last decade" feeling. :(
The Qashqai looks better, I feel, but it is an acquired taste. ;p

Aaron Lim:
U got Good Taste ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ‘. Nissan Qashqai & X-trail has the highest sales among the SUV range.

Assi AK:
I know, right?
It is either you like it or you hate it.
I happen to like it. ;)
I did consider the Qashqai but the car seriously "bo lard"...
No power and no speed.
The Attrage is much cheaper but the performance matches the price tag. ;p
For $10K or so more, anyone thinking of buying an Attrage might want to consider a Mazda 2.
My current ride is much better but I do miss my Mazda 2 sometimes.
Faster than both the Attrage and the Qashqai. Really fun to drive. :)

AK71 said...

"Petrol engines, even if well maintained, will have more issues the more kilometres they have on them. Maintenance, service, and repairs are less expensive on a petrol engine. The only way it works out in this instance with a diesel engine vehicle, even a small one, is if the owner drives it for long distances every day. However, very modern diesel engines had bridged this gap and are now very competitive for the average car driver."

AK71 said...

"The Government is reviewing its policies on vehicle emissions with a view to discouraging diesel vehicles as concerns grow globally over the health impact of diesel emissions. Meanwhile, a study commissioned by the Government found electric vehicles to be a promising, albeit more expensive, alternative to diesel vehicles, and renewable diesel to be an option for heavy trucks... Diesel vehicles made up a fifth of Singapore's vehicle fleet in 2015. These comprise mainly commercial vehicles, buses and taxis, but diesel passenger cars have been the fastest growing segment of the car population in recent years." Source: 26 Jan 2017, SGCARMART.COM

AK says:
"The CEVS for diesel passenger cars is probably going to be a thing of the past soon. In fact, new diesel passenger cars might no longer be offered here in future. This is consistent with a view to reducing diesel vehicle population over time. It will take time to convert taxis and buses to non-diesel options but it is relatively easy to stop the sale of diesel passenger cars. So, if you want a diesel passenger car, there is probably a shrinking window of opportunity to buy new. If you are more interested in a pre-owned, be prepared for a shrinking pool over time."

K said...

Hi AK,

You will likely be able to assist. Which combination "credit card + oil company" provides the best deal for diesel? ;)


AK71 said...

Hi K,

I think that might be SPC card + POSB Everyday card. ;p

I am still getting free diesel now. So, I am not very up to date with the discounts. :)

K said...

Free diesel???? how??

AK71 said...

Hi K,

I was given $1,000 worth of fuel credits when I bought my diesel car. :)

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