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Passive income, CPF savings and a topless pic.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

I have a friend of more than 20 years who used to be fabulously fit. 

Now, he is "flabulously" fat. 

He is even fatter than I was last year before I embarked on my effort to lose weight.

A few months ago, he said I looked unhealthy because I lost too much weight in a short time. 

Basically, I lost plenty of fat without gaining enough muscle mass. 

My entire frame shrank. 

Imagine that. Horrible, isn't it?

I was climbing stairs, lots of stairs, but I wasn't doing enough upper body workout. 

The solution for me, I found, was simple. 

Do more push ups. 

This is a simple and effective exercise that I can do at home. It builds stronger arms, shoulders and chest. It helps to strengthen the core too.

Anyway, when I saw my friend again recently, he said he has decided to lose weight too. 

It won't be an exercise to look fabulously fit but an exercise not to look "flabulously" fat. 

All he wants is to be able to wear swimming trunks to the pool again instead of a pair of board shorts.

He said,

"You can definitely go to the pool in swimming trunks now."

I don't enjoy swimming very much and walking around outside in a pair of trunks is like being clad only in my undies for all to see, I have always thought.

He said,

"But you can do it with confidence now."

Yes, I know what he meant but I would still feel uncomfortable being mostly naked in public.

My family and friends know that my determination to lose weight has everything to do with health and very little to do with looking good. 

I was probably somewhat extreme earlier on in my attempt to lose weight. 

I was really driven by fear.

This is similar to my determination to be frugal when I started life as a working adult. 

On hindsight, I was probably too extreme for many years of my life in allowing myself only $300 in spending money each month. 

Again, I was really driven by fear.

When we fear something, we are likely to take measures to avoid it.

The fear that my health might worsen drove me to lose weight. 

The fear of growing old and destitute drove me to be frugal.

Unless you are new to my blog, you would know that my frugal lifestyle is an important ingredient in the recipe for achieving financial freedom.

Now, I am pleased to share that my health has improved mainly due to my weight loss which has been achieved mostly through dieting and, to a lesser extent, a moderate exercise regime.

In the conversation with my friend, I joked,

"I will only feel comfortable being mostly naked in public if I could hide my face."

We had a good laugh and, then, he said,

"Why not share in your blog? You are faceless there. You might inspire people like me to lose weight too."

OK, I am comfortable sharing how much is my passive income and how much I have in my CPF accounts only because I am an anonymous blogger. 

The purpose is to inspire by sharing my own experience. 

To be honest, I was afraid I might regret it but so far, so good.

So, I guess this is another first for AK and I hope I don't regret doing this. 

With some trepidation, I share here a topless pic of myself taken today:

Ooops. Wrong photo. It should be this one:

If you are overweight and think that losing weight is too difficult, I hope you will think again.

I believe that any overweight person mentally strong enough to go on a journey towards financial freedom is mentally strong enough to go on a journey to lose weight. 

I am putting an emphasis on mental strength because it is about discipline.

Losing weight is not an easy journey. 

Like our effort to achieve financial freedom, we have to make positive changes and stay the course.

However, compared to trying to achieve financial freedom, losing weight is much easier. Believe it.

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Bobbabu said...

Don't fear too much, later kena cancer. (CHOY)

blazingruby60 said...

hi AK
I totally agree with you..Fear makes us frantic enough to make the change..i was once overweight and can barely walk. When I was told to choose between a wheelchair or go exercise and lose weight. The choice is obvious..

phoenix said...

Hi AK, Thanks for sharing the picture of yourself. It is really impressive. At this age, most of the men will be 双凸 / 秃 头秃,肚子凸.

Beside sharing with us on how you achieve your net worth, I am great that you are sharing with us on to regain your health. No Health, no Wealth.

I would like to share with you on my family's simple (though not very easy) journey to achieve great health. My family has ditched most of the carbohydrates from all processed food, including bread, biscuits, 猪肠粉,水锞 and noodles (all these are made from flour which are highly processed). Just loads of vegetable, eggs and meat. We are so much healthier, no diabetics, no high blood and no bad cholesterol. Lose more than 10 kg along the way.

What I know is that for the past 40 years, we have been eating (think the the food pyramid) wrongly which resulted in more than half of the population falling sick.

AK71 said...

Hi bobba,

It is good to fear bad things and to take remedial action. Otherwise, I might really succumb to cancer. ;p

AK71 said...

Hi ruby,

Being overweight is the cause of many health issues. I have no doubt about this.

We have both made the right choice. :)

AK71 said...

Hi phoenix,

A low carb, high fat (and protein) diet is what I am on now.

I am 45 and cannot change all my habits totally. I love junk good. So, it is hard for me to avoid processed food totally but I have reduced my intake of carbs to less than 50 grams a day. On cheat days, it is less than 100 grams a day which makes it moderate carb instead of low carb.

Having a long life is meaningless if it is not a healthy life but I want a happy life too. ;p

AK71 said...

Gil Karen:
"Wow. Can kindly share the stairs climbing exercise. How many levels times How many times? How many times per week. Super impressed."

AK says:
"Diet is more important than climbing stairs. Read the related posts too. :)"

Climb stairs and be better investors.

Anonymous said...

Hi AK,

Good for you!

Very true, the previous comment - no health, no wealth.

Health is truely a critical facet of wholesome financial planning.


AK71 said...

Hi Tree,

Having said this, all of us still need good H&S and CI coverage. ;)

AK71 said...

Reader says...
AK, nice passive income for 2Q18. Really inspire me. Thanks for sharing AK shifu.

AK says...
If I have inspired more towards financial freedom, I am happy.
Thank you for the positive feedback. :)

And this is what my blog is mainly good for, a source of inspiration if nothing else.

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