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Be a wealthy and happy peasant.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

"Singapore is one of the world's most unhappy nations?" 
Sir Stamford Waffles Jr. Jr.

"AK talks about how we should make more money, save more money and try to be financially free. AK makes sense. I am trying my hardest to be like him. Must have $150K in annual passive income and $700K in CPF account by age 45."

Alamak! AK didn't say to be like him! Mai luan luan gong hor.

I always say I am only talking to myself here in my blog but since so many people walk past my home and eavesdrop on a daily basis, I want to issue two statements in my loudest voice.

1. Don't compare yourself with AK or anyone else!

You are you. I am I. They are they. Everyone's circumstances are different. Do what you need to do to become financially free but do what you can do. Don't give yourself too much stress!

2. Don't become unhappy in the pursuit of financial freedom!

I know someone who was working very hard and trying to save more money. He did save a lot of money within a year but he was burnt out and depressed at the end of it.

All of us are made differently. Know ourselves. Cut ourselves some slack if we have to.

Alamak, I think I am going to get a sore throat from talking so loudly. Going to brew some liang teh now. See? AK listens to his body.

Aiyoh, why are you still here? What? I only talked about the happy part? I left out the wealthy part? Go read related post #2.

If you understand Hokkien, go to related post #1. I hope it puts a smile on your face.


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