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Healthway Medical and free money from Lippo.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Donkey years ago, I invested in Healthway Medical Corporation (HMC). I liked the numbers and I thought it was relatively undervalued compared to peers.

Anyway, I got in at 10 cents a share and was mostly divested by the time its share price doubled months later.

Some of my comments from 2009.
Unfortunately, HMC had troubles later on and the last time I looked at it, its PE ratio was 100x or more. 

I still have a very small position in HMC made up of scrip dividends collected over the years. Free of cost to me and mostly forgotten, the shares are not worth very much today.

Although HMC's performance has been inconsistent, booking a huge impairment recently, the Lippo Group is making a takeover offer of 4.2c a share. They are the same people behind First REIT which is one of my largest investments and, of course, OUE Limited. 
I like to think that the Lippo Group know what they are doing and that they think they could transform the potential they see in HMC. Sounds familiar? Yes, that is OUE Limited's slogan: 

"Viewing every development as an opportunity to transform its potential."

Like I said, I have a very small stake that is free of cost. If HMC has a chance at being transformed and of doing better in future at the hands of the Lippo Group, I want a share, no matter how small it is. 

So, I am not accepting the offer.


Leopard said...

Hi AK,

I couldn't find a better place to leave this comment.

What is the default option for such cases? Say the form is not returned, does this mean the shareholder has rejected the offer?


AK71 said...

Hi Leopard,

If we have not accepted the offer, it means we have declined. :)

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