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Huge losses from trading but tempted to restart.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Hi AK,

I am always tempted to trade and also I see many courses out there on trading and saying that they have earn so much from trading. I never sign up for any of them but there is always a temptation.

should i go and attend trading course and start trading again which I have made huge losses before, or do the AK way, be patient, be pragmatic , be prudent? ie just do income investing?


There are different ways to make money in the stock market. 

We just have to find a way that we are good at, a way that suits our temperament.

You should know yourself best. ;)

Best wishes,

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tech fan said...

Will suggest you think about what you learned from your losses.

Speaking from personal experience, the reasons could be:

1. Position sizing relative to total portfolio - Check out Kelly criterion
2. Cutting loss too late
3. Not having a Plan of entry and exit
4. Personal problems
5. Not understanding yourself
6. Not enough knowledge

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