They chose financial independence over home ownership.

This is somewhat extreme but watch how this Canadian couple chose financial independence over home ownership.  They are in their 30s and,...

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Get fantastic dividend yield and AK is like Jay Chou.

Friday, August 25, 2017

Recently, AK was like Xiaxue and, now, AK is like Jay Chou. Alamak. So confusing. How like that?

Hello AK! Looks like things have been good for you recently (as always). Unfortunately I couldn’t get a ticket to your evening session. Its like Jay Chou concert! I do appreciate your jokes among your stock market insights.

Anyway, remember many were surprised you are >80% invested now? Well as I reckon many of your stocks were bought at a real bargain in 2008/09 with fantastic dividend yield on cost now.

Basically, I think it’s irrelevant to ask on your holdings now. However, if you are willing to share, may I ask what were your %age of stock holdings (vs cash) back in 2007, when stocks were at a all time high? 

Did you somehow Eat Bread With Ink Slowly too? 

Did you think that the market was over-valued and you were expecting a crash? 

Did you prepare yourself for the crash? 

When the bad news kept coming in 2008, how were you reacting? 

I know you kept buying but didn’t you have the slightest fear? 

How did you strategise your entries?

I do appreciate eating bread with ink slowly and I have equipped myself with some value investing knowledge. 

I have also accumulated some stocks that are doing pretty well while making sure I have a good warchest. 

But should we be extra cautious since we are approaching the 10th year after the last stock crash? What’re your views?

I always eat bread with ink slowly.

Unless valuations are super cheap, I always have a war chest ready.

I emptied my war chest during the GFC. I bought stocks of businesses which would generate good income for me. Investing for income, I wasn't concerned with prices going up or down. I knew I was getting a bargain.

I didn't borrow money to invest with. It was all my own money. I didn't have to worry.

A stock which I bought back then which I no longer talk about was Hyflux Water Trust, for example. Debt free, at the price I got in, it was generating 17% yield, if I remember correctly.

I don't have all the answers to your questions because I only remember what I feel are important.

Remember that eating bread with ink slowly is a philosophy. 

How we make it work for us, if we want to make it work for us, will depend on the individual.

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