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Wait for a big crash to pick our durians?

Saturday, August 26, 2017

You have been through the times when you got stocks w div yield of 10+ or even 20%..

Why are you still keen to pick up stocks at 3-5% now?

Isn't it easier (and less work) to just wait out for the next crash to pick your durians again?

It shouldn't be too long from now right...?

Now, this was a CRASH!
Did anyone predict this?
This is what insurance is for.
It is for if a CRASH happens.

Our war chest is an insurance!


I cannot predict what will happen. 😞

Some people have been waiting for years for a big crash.

I will keep investing but keep a war chest ready. 

There will always be opportunities, bear market or not.

Just have to be careful so that I don't get killed by falling durians. 😛

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AK71 said...

Loke Oilin:
Yes when DBS was trading at 14 plus sometimes back my friend said will only buy when DBS crashed to 8 dollars in the next GFC.Well...hmn.I did not buy blue chips yet as my focus is on small and mid caps...well 8 dollars...hmmn.But GFC not yet happened leh..And DBS is now...hmn

There is a lesson in this somewhere.

2016 FY passive income from non-REITs.

AK71 said...

Invest Sg:
What wld be a good percentage of dry powder cash to hold in current market condition?

Aiyoh. Dun give me stress. My cash position now very high after CRT and Saizen delisted... :(

AK71 said...

Chris Lim said...
These few days I have been scanning through this blog digging out the hidden gold beneath tons of pages and comments.

Would it be ridiculous to think that I would need to spare about 10 years before I see the next mega bloodshed in the market?

I mean before the GFC, were you simply hoarding cash (beside doing trading once a while) in anticipation for the next crash? (GFC in 2008/9; Asian Financial Crisis in 1997)

Blogger AK said...
I cannot predict.

I can only prepare.

I am always invested but I also have a war chest ready. ;)

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