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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Sorry didn't msg u for awhile
I broke my arm
Hope u r doin well Shi fu

Please take calcium supplement and also Vitamin C. We need especially as we age.
Best is to take with Magnesium and Vitamin D included.
Also, take Omega 3 supplement if you don't take enough fish.
I take all these.

Ok noted will ask my Wife
Now got go therapy
Damn pain

Also, taking Vit C will help in recovery.
500mg a day.
I told a friend to give his wife who went for operation.
His wife was in pain for a long time... and the vit c helped a lot in speeding her recovery.
And even after recovery, continue with Vit C for maintenance... Daily one pill... very impt for anti ageing and also reduces chances of getting cancer


It is many times more potent than Vit E as an anti oxidant. People don't know how powerful Vit C is.

U can set up nutrition blog Liao
If ppl dunno tink u work in pharmacy

haha... already thinking of stopping this blog. i lazy

Cannot stop la
U r inspiration for many
Stil alot ppl haven wake up
Stil tink big car n house means Ho seh Liao
I see a few around me buy Rolex , AP etc
Few months salary gone like tat

aiyoh... not much i can do lah
they happy can liao 😜

Ya now I don't talk le
Waste time waste effort

See? You also like that liao. LOL

I go sleep first Shi Fu .. later working
U take care talk to u soon

AK says:
We must try to take better care of ourselves physically as we age. 

The body is not as resilient as before. 

All we can do is to slow down the deterioration.

Unlike our physical body, our financial body can actually become stronger as we age. 

How to do this?

Alamak... I forgot to ask. What is "AP" har?

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sweetcl05 said...

May I suggest to put heat and infrared on the injury area to speed up the recovery.

Brina said...

AP stands for Audemars Piguet. It's a swiss luxury watch brand

I must go and thank my mummy for instilling the habit of taking a vit c tablet daily from young :)

laurence said...

Wah, another title to AK's already long string of titles.
Oracle of Health.

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