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The gain will outweigh the loss.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

I try to put some effort into coming up with creative titles for my blogs and I am quite pleased with this one. 

Pun upon pun. Rather fun.

After attending "Evening with AK and friends", some overweight readers became more interested in losing weight than investing for income. Ha ha.

A reader just wrote to me to say he has lost 3 kgs since he started dieting almost 3 weeks ago. 

I am very happy for him but I also told him that weight loss will slow down over time and, if he keeps to the diet, when the weight loss stops, that is when his body is telling him that he is at his ideal weight which should be healthier.

He could cut himself some slack then. 

One cheat day a week? Why not?

I see many overweight people trying to lose weight by hitting the treadmills in the gym or jogging along the PCN. 

They shouldn't be doing that.

Doing high impact exercises wears out the knees and overweight people will put a lot more stress on their knees. 

This is why for people with knee pain, losing weight helps a ton (pardon the pun).

Lose weight through dieting first. 

Then, consider doing some jogging.

Of course, regular readers know that my preference is for stair climbing.

I climbed 50 floors last night, jogged for 15 minutes and still enjoyed an evening walk. 

Nothing too strenuous. 

Just keeping myself physically active.

How to lose weight fast?

Avoid carbohydrates. Out with rice, bread, noodles, cookies and other stuff like that. 

Definitely, throw out sugar. 

When we take carbohydrates, it should be in the form of vegetables and fruits. 

Most of the carbohydrates is in the form of fiber and will not be retained in the body. 

Of course, there is sugar in fruits but they are naturally occurring. 

However, in the early days of your diet, you might want to choose berries, green kiwi fruit, green apples and pears, for examples, instead of mangoes, pineapples, durians and papaya, for examples. 

The idea is to go for less sugary options. 

Or you might want to eliminate fruits altogether for the first few weeks.

Don't avoid fats. Take good fats like extra virgin olive oil, extra virgin coconut oil and butter. Our body needs fats to function.

You could supplement your diet with Omega 3 capsules too. 

This is something I do because I don't take fish everyday.

Don't buy low fat food because they are usually filled with other stuff to take the place of fats. 

Just look at evaporated milk being sold at the supermarkets, for example. 

I would buy the full cream version and not the filled or low fat versions.

However, to lose weight, avoid milk for a start. 

It is because of the milk sugar.

Take enough protein. The guideline for a sedentary person is 0.8 gram of protein for every kg of body weight per day.

Take enough protein to maintain our muscle mass. We want to lose fats but not muscles. 

If your body weight is 60 kgs and your lifestyle is sedentary, you need 48 grams of protein a day, for example.

A medium size egg gives us about 7 grams of protein, for example. A small egg weighing 55 grams, about 6 grams of protein.

If we throw out the yoke which contains all the nutrients and eat only the white, we will get about half the protein.

I eat the whole egg.

Being fat is the reason for many health problems and with a sedentary lifestyle it is very easy to become obese if we are not careful with food.

Some of my meals in recent days:

Spinach, eggs, butter and olive oil.

Chicken, coconut oil and spinach.
Salmon, butter and olive oil.

I always add turmeric powder and black pepper because they are good for the joints. 

They are supposed to have other health benefits too if you are into Ayurvedic studies.

The gain will outweigh the loss.
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