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Short paid by Croesus Retail Trust?

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Reader #1 said...
Could I do a check with you regarding Croesus' delisting. I believe all unitholders have received the payout. Did you receive an amount equal to $1.17 x # of shares you owned (which is what i received)?

Cause i thought that the payout should also include the distribution till the effective date of the delisting, but cap at 4.06cents?

Wonder if you know about this?

Thank you very much for reading my email.

Reader #2 said...
Like you, I have bought some Croesus and the cash proceeds of $1.17 per unit has been credited into my account yesterday. As the Croesus' dividend of 4.06 cts was for the 1 Jan to 30 Jun 2017 period, do you know whether dividend will be paid for the 1 Jul to 25 Oct 2017 period? I do recall reading that the latter dividend would be paid.

Btw, I have enjoyed eavesdropping when you talked to yourself about your passive investment in SReits!!! Thank you for allowing the eavesdropping.

AK said...
Croesus Retail Trust completed the sale on time.
They would have had to make a higher distribution to shareholders if they did not.
So, $1.17 per unit is correct.
A DPU of 4.06 cents was made earlier in September, if I remember correctly.

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