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Saturday, January 6, 2018

Reader #1 says...

I have been following your blog since Aug2015 and benefit greatly from it.

As an employee with salary below average, I couldn't have much to invest.

However I value the awareness that you created among your followers.

I am started to be more responsible to my own financial management and learnt a little bit about investment.

I believe many of them out there too.

I feeling grateful to "meet" you through text.

I want to say thank you again on this very first day of the year because I am still continuing benefit from your blog.

My view towards CPF, Insurance, stocks have changed.

In year 2017, I invested in shares and topping up my SA.

Although all are in very minimal but at least it’s a sign of improvement to me.

Thank you very much for what u have shared in your blog. We learn a lot from you.

Thank you. Wishing you another good year.

May you and your family Stay healthy and happy always. :)

Reader #2 says...

I was fortunate to find your blog few months ago, and have been reading your blog/FB posting almost daily since then.

Just want to take this opportunity to Thank you and appreciate my gratitude to you for sharing your financial wisdom with us.

I have really learned a lot from you, and as your loyal 徒弟, I have put those in real actions. E.g redeemed my home loan, cancelled my ILP, did my CPF VC, opened SRS account, and did my MA top up today.

I was reluctant investing in share in the past.

After I learn the idea of investing for income from your blog and read books you recommended in the blog, I finally decided to open a trading account.

Did my first trade and bought Comfort delgro last month, also nibble on Singtel and ST Eng.

Have the rest of my war chest loaded, patiently waiting a correction in new year and buy more when Mr Market is in distress.

I have started learning the basic FA and TA now, still have a lot things to learn, will keep reading your blog and learn from the experience.

So, do continue to talk to yourself often in the new year, the more the merrier, hehehe.

Wish you have a fabulous new year, good health and of course more passive income, huat ah !!!

AK says...

All of us have different circumstances and all of us have different ability to improve our financial health.

If we diligently do whatever we are able to do in order to have a more secure financial future, it is always better than doing nothing.

I realised that many Singaporeans might not have the funds to invest with even if they want to.

This was a big reason why I decided to blog about the CPF as much as I did in recent years, sharing my own story.

Making full use of the CPF will give us a measure of financial security in our golden years.

If sharing my story has helped regular working people to take action towards achieving greater financial security, then, the time and effort I have put into this blog is all worthwhile.

The ultimate goal is financial freedom but we have to start taking baby steps even as we think big.

Don't be "jin jelly".

Make others "jin jelly".

OK, I know.

Bad AK! Bad AK!

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AK apologizes to everyone who "jin jelly".

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AK71 said...

Reader says...
Really must thank you.
I learn so much from you
I use to be suspicious of CPF.
Now no more
I even do RSTU top up and voluntary contribution
I even top up CPF account of my wife. Every year 7k.
When I tell people they all shock. lol

AK says...
I celebrate for you!

Reader says...
Most people rather spend on holiday but we choose otherwise.
Wife supportive most impt
Only thing is now my job not very stable.
Company not stable.
I tell myself lucky I got $500 passive income per month from investments now.
Not a lot but can survive lah

AK says...
Big picture but baby steps.
All in good time 😉

WTK said...

Hi all.

I also encounter the same situation when I opt to top up my CPF accounts voluntarily. This is despite having reached the ceiling of the Medisave and Special accounts. I used to attract frowns and criticism from my peers when they came to know that I have been making voluntary CPF contributions, in addition to the mandatory contribution from my full-time employment, all these years. I rent my housing and do not own any properties although I am a Singaporean. This makes my peers more curious on the rationale of the voluntary contribution which I made, despite not having the need to service the monthly housing instalments, They have been criticising my decision and chide me for not buying the property such as HDB, condo etc instead. I could then use the CPF to service the monthly instalments. Upon hearing this, I replied by telling them that I would use cash to pay the instalment instead if I decide to buy the property. Since then, I am not longer rebutting them any more as I know that they do not buy into my philosphy. I think that it is up to each individual to choose the path which he/she prefers. I guess that I am of the rare few who go for such less travelled route.

To each of our own.


AK71 said...

Hi Ben,

For sure, peace of mind is priceless. ;)

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