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Adventuring in Neverwinter: Monster hunting in Barovia.

Monday, February 17, 2020

Hunting monsters used to be something I was doing almost daily in Barovia.

For some time, I was joined by two friends, Kenji and Victor, too.

I didn't have a wizard character back then and was adventuring mostly with my paladin.

Fun times in Barovia.

It was a very rewarding activity back in the day too.

I always say that money should go to where it is treated best.

Maybe, I should say that money will go to where it is treated best instead.

People will always do something they find most rewarding if they know where to find it.

There are better rewards to be had doing other things in Neverwinter these days.

Although not as rewarding, hunting monsters in Barovia is still fun as my wizard found out.

Anyway, this is the first time my wizard is hunting a monster in Barovia after he picked up a Wanted Poster.

Before we go hunting, let us visit Madam Eva to get some clues as to the monster's whereabouts.

The hunt is on!

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