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Adventuring in Neverwinter: Demon and dragon slaying!

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

I keep saying that Neverwinter is a MMORPG.

What is a MMORPG anyway?

"Massively multiplayer online role-playing game: any story-driven online video game in which a player, taking on the persona of a character in a virtual or fantasy world, interacts with a large number of other players."


Oh, then, why does it look like AK is always adventuring alone in Neverwinter?

Where are the other adventurers?

Where is the group content?

There are plenty of dungeons, skirmishes and trials available in Neverwinter.

A dungeon requires a full party of 5 adventurers while a trial requires 2 full parties.

We can join random queues and we will be partied with random adventurers or we can put together our own party by inviting people we would like to adventure with.

There are also world events or what are known as Heroic Encounters in Neverwinter.

Slay some demons in Neverwinter with AK here:

We do not have to join parties or queue for these world events.

When they happen, just join the fray!

They can get pretty chaotic as you can imagine but they are lots of fun!

Slay some dragons in Neverwinter with AK here:

AK is adventuring in Neverwinter and banishing evil everywhere he goes!

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MK - don't know much, want to learn more said...

D&D! donkeys & dumbells XD
AD&D lagi (A)dvanced version

Favourite hurled accusations:
Dungeon Master / xxx player cheating - using loaded 20 sided dices (saving throws / to hit)!

The Dreamzola Traveller said...

LOL. You really deep into Neverwinter.

I also another play-to-win player in mmorpg. While those pay-to-win players obtained their ultimate gears within months, I took almost 2 years to obtain it. And when I am finally done, those first batch pay-to-win 'Missing In Action' liao. Then the second batch pay-to-win comes and saw me with shiny gears, when I told them I never pay a single cent for this game, the answers I get is 'impossible'.

I guess everywhere the people the same la, even in game.

AK71 said...

Hi MK,

I only have regular D20s. ;)

AK71 said...


Well, Neverwinter is F2P.

Paying real money to play Neverwinter will be insulting their noble aim to be F2P. ;p

I am helping the creators of Neverwinter to fulfill their dream.

Am I noble or what? ;p

(Hey, did I hear someone say "cheap"?)

1 said...

Hi ak if is ok with u can share what laptop or pc u play games with?

AK71 said...

Hi 1,

Sure, I blogged about it 2 years ago and also shared a photo.

Spent money and now will spend more time.

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