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Monitoring our stocks

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Being minority shareholders, we are at the mercy of the management of the companies we own when it comes to disclosure of information. So, there is always a strong preference to be vested in companies which are transparent in their business and timely in announcing any development which might affect the value of our investments.

Every day, we should scan the announcements on the Singapore Exchange for possible news from the companies we own or, simply, are interested in. Apart from extraordinary events, I am usually very interested in the quarterly financial reports. That's the best tool we have to see how a company is progressing through the year. I also like to look at the quaterly financial reports of other companies in the same sector to determine the comparative performance of the competition.

From a technical perspective, I look at the charts every night. Charts provide a window into the mass psychology of the market participants with the two emotions of fear and greed being much talked about in investment communities. So, it is not good enough that we identify investment opportunities, it is equally important to be able to read charts in order to approximate when to buy and when to sell.

Monitoring our stocks is a daily affair.
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