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Tea with AK71: My Samsung mobile phone.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

I have shared on my blogs some photos taken with my trusty Samsung mobile phone camera. Some readers have asked me for the model number of my phone as they would like to get one too. I looked but there is no model number stated on the phone. It just says "5.0 Mega Autofocus" on the back.

How did I get this phone? Well, my sister was wondering what to get for my birthday in 2009 when I suggested that she get a free phone from her telco when she re-contracted that year. That phone was my birthday present.

For those who are still interested in getting the same phone I have, here are some photos of the phone. I borrowed a digi cam to take these. I hope these photos help in your search. Waiting for a white color iPhone4? My phone is white too!

Oh, the picture of the back of the phone has a piece of paper which was intentionally placed there to block a sticker on the phone. My little secret. ;-)


Anonymous said...

am using a samsung phone too, the 5 mega pixel cam is good enough and I don't even carry my PnS digicam with me anymore.

recruit ong

AK71 said...

Hi recruit ong,

You have the same phone? Are you still in the army? I thought they don't allow camera phones in the army.

In future, mobile phones could be so advanced that they might replace many other electronics we see today. The camera is probably one of many.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ak

i just bought my 1st samsung 2 days ago.

It is the Galaxy Ace, big screen andriod smartphone. Which looked like a White Iphone 4. Impluse buy as it was only $138 on a 2yr extension of my cheapo $26 plan. Very responsive device n loving it. Still getting the hangog usingthe touch screen w my big fingers.


AK71 said...

Hi SnOOpy168,

I have had 2 Samsung phones before, the V200 and the X660. The former was a birthday present from my dad and the latter was a free phone from re-contracting. The way the keys work for SMSing is different from the Nokias. So, you are right about having to get used to the Samsung. :)

Anonymous said...

It's Samsung SGH-F480i, released in Aug 2009. It would be a challenge to find the same phone now going by how frequently they churn out new models.


AK71 said...

Hi L,

Thanks for helping to identify my phone. :)

Yes, it is almost two years since my sister gave it to me. Still going strong.

Only complaint is that the battery is not very long lasting. I have to charge it every night although I use the phone sparingly.

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