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Buy gold and silver as insurance.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Anyone who is regularly reading news on personal finance would have come across articles on why gold and silver prices are set to rise even higher. Marc Faber and Jim Rogers, both people I respect, are just two prominent figures who have put forth compelling reasons to own some gold and silver.

Personally, when I started this blog, I also wrote about the real value of gold and why silver would be a better buy than gold after I researched the gold:silver ratio. I started a separate blog on the precious metals later on because I want to concentrate on blogging about investing for income here at ASSI.

We just have to do a quick check online to see how much the prices of gold and silver have appreciated since I started blogging three years ago to see how well anyone who invested in these metals have done in that time.

My current attitude towards buying physical gold and silver is like my attitude towards paying for insurance. To own physical gold and silver is an insurance against the inherent flaws of fiat currencies. Just like how we put aside a certain sum of money annually to pay for our insurance policies, I believe that setting aside 5% of my annual income for the purchase of gold and silver as insurance is not too much.

So, am I saying that I do not buy gold and silver now with the hope of making more money in S$ terms? Well, if we think of gold and silver as a form of money, then, buying gold and silver in the hope of making more money in our home currency is like forex trading. It would make more sense to trade in paper gold and silver then.

Buying physicals would be more suitable for anyone with a crisis mentality.

I am posting this article here in ASSI instead of my blog on the precious metals because the latter's readers are probably conversant with the reasons why we should be in precious metals. I want to reach out to readers here in ASSI who might not have any position in the precious metals yet.

Let me guess. Some of you are probably wondering if it is a good time to buy now. Well, if we believe in the thesis that the precious metals are set to rise much more in price over the next few years and if we are holding them as insurance instead of trading them for short term gain, the question becomes less important.

Technically, there is some near term weakness and if we want to wait to buy lower, a 5% correction in price could see buyers returning. Remember, however, that technical analysis is all about probability, never certainty. It never hurts to hedge.

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AK71 said...

The technical picture for both gold and silver currently still favours the downside, says Julian Phillips.

Mineweb, 3 Dec 12.

Dolly & Zoopy said...

Do you think buying bullion gold coins is better than leaving cash in the bank as fixed deposit?

AK71 said...

Hi Dolly & Zoopy,

I don't think either one is the better option. Cash in the bank even in FDs is more liquid than gold bullion coins will ever be.

There could come a day when paper money loses its appeal but, for the foreseeable future, I don't think so.

Keeping some of our wealth in gold and silver bullion coins is an insurance. It is not to replace paper money. Not now, anyway.

Conventional wisdom is to keep 10% of our wealth in gold and silver. Personally, I am still working towards 5%.

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