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Thursday, April 11, 2013

I have met people who told me that they find it hard to learn fundamental analysis (FA) or technical analysis (TA) by reading books. Some would get bored very quickly and lose interest. Some just find it harder to understand and absorb information presented in writing. For sure, not everybody enjoys reading.

Many of these people who are interested enough in the subject of investing and trading in the stock market could end up signing up for courses which could cost $X,XXX per course. I am not saying that these courses are not good as, indeed, like what a friend told me, some learn better in a classroom environment.

A case of different strokes for different folks? Maybe.

However, if I were to tell these people that there is possibly a book out there which they could find enjoyable to read and, in the process, save them lots of money, would they not give the book a chance? Is there such a book? Yes, I found one recently.

The book is an amazingly fun and engaging read. Each chapter is preceded by illustrations in the form of comic strips!


The chapters are well organised and bring the reader through fundamental analysis (FA) and technical analysis (TA). Yes, the author marries both schools. As this is something which I have always suggested as the most holistic approach to investing, I highly recommend this book.


The book is obviously written with the beginner in mind. However, any seasoned stock market participant who is in the FA or TA camp would find this book a worthwhile read if he is willing to keep an open mind.

The book is now available for order from BetterWorldBooks. With every book ordered, a book will be given to the poor.

Follow the banner below to order a copy of  "Getting Started in Stock Investing & Trading: An Illustrated Guide":

Buy Books. Save Green. Fund Literacy.

Search for books by "Michael C. Thomsett" and you will find the book. Purchase a copy and you will be doing good in more ways than one.

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SnOOpy168 said...

Thanks for the recommendations. Somehow I am finding myself being so impatient reading that I want to multi-task. Perhaps this age to laptop with a smartphone & tablet nearby isn't helping.

Perhaps, I will need to put myself on a long hual budget airline flight (like my Northwest flight to the US 15 years ago), that I had nothing else to do but to read.....

then again, these days, everyone has their iPad and Tab,......

AK71 said...

Hi SnOOpy168,

I recommend going for Yoga and meditation classes. ;p

With personal touch screens provided by airlines on those long haul flights, I would usually watch movie after movie. My trip to the USA last year, I think I watched almost 20 different movies while in the air!

I have been making a conscious effort to read and to exercise more lately. If you like the idea, you can do it too. ;)

AK71 said...

Michael Thomsett is a British-born American author who has written over 75 books covering investing, business and real estate topics.

One book, Getting Started in Options, published originally in 1986, has sold over 250,000 copies. The 7th edition of this work was released by publisher John Wiley & Sons in 2007.


AhJohn said...

hi AK, do you use a "check list" when doing FA? If yes, any criteria? thx!!!

Normally, I looking at EPS&grow, Dividend&grow, I think they are two most important factors for valuation.

AK71 said...

Hi Ah John,

I don't really have a fixed template for doing FA.

I could get a hint from my many regular readings to look into certain companies or industries. Then, I look at the likely candidates one by one, comparing them against one another.

We can have a set of numbers and ratios (examples are EPS, PER, P/B, ROE, ROA, gearing) we look at when we do FA but that is just the quantitative aspect.

The qualitative aspect of FA is important too. :)

seefei said...

I saw this book in Kinokuniya and actually stopped to read. Then i found out that it is the same book you recommended here.

THe book is really hold your hand type for newbies with interesting pictures and easy to follow instruction.

AK, however i found the chapters on candlestick too brief for my liking. I actually have another book, also by Wiley on trading that delve more in-depth on candlestick reading.

Overall good starter for those investors who like to use TA to give more to plan their entry/exit point.

AK71 said...

Hi seefei,

I am glad you feel the same way about the book. It is a good primer for anyone who wants to pick up FA and TA.

I find that it is also useful for anyone who cannot decide if he wants to be an investor or a trader (or both).

It is not written in a way which would overwhelm. I guess the author is allowing the reader to decide which path he wants to follow first.

This is probably a very good first book for any budding investor or trader. :)

KW said...

Hi AK,

I bought this book from Borders, Malaysia at 20% discount (RM$96)
Just started reading it and having fun too.

My kid like Stock Man and his sidekicks.

After reading lots of blogs from you, some of the investment approach can be found in this book too.

Super Thanks AK ;)


AK71 said...

Hi KW,

It is a fun book! Great for beginners who might find most books on investment dry and heavy going. :)

This is another one for light reading:
Warren Buffett: An Illustrated Biography of the World's Most Successful Investor.

Happy reading! :)

AK71 said...

About the Book

A new edition of the bestselling illustrated guide to stocks This popular and easy-to-use guide to understanding and investing in stocks combines basic and non-technical explanations with many other features: illustrations, definitions in context, examples, charts, key points, and valuable resources including online supplemental learning tools.

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