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Videos on reaching 55 and what is CPF Life?

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Actually, the CPF Board have some very good videos but very few people actually watched them.

Two videos available since 3 weeks ago, one titled "Reaching 55" and another titled "CPF Life", have been viewed online barely 1,500 times and a bit more than 1,000 times, respectively.

Although I have blogged on these topics a few times before, I think videos will be more appealing to some of us. 

So, if you have 6 minutes to spare, here they are:



Not bad but I had to resort to reading the subtitles at times. 

We Singaporeans have a bad habit of "eating up our words" as we speak too fast sometimes.

Share the videos with friends and family who have doubts about the system. 

All of us should embrace retirement planning and CPF Life can be a very strong cornerstone for many of us in retirement funding if we help the system to help ourselves.

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Cory said...

I seen it some time back. Is a good start for CPF. Still i find there is some room for improvement just could not pinpoint where directly. Maybe a simple flow chart to connect everything will helps instead of multiple videos.

AK71 said...

Hi Cory,

The videos are 3 weeks old. You are keeping yourself better informed than most of us. Good on you. :)

Personally, I feel that since the videos are already available and they are pretty good too, the government should put in more effort to get CPF members to watch them.

I think that since publishing this blog post, the number of views online per video probably doubled and that is due to exposure in only one blog. Mine.

It is a waste of resources producing the videos if they fail to reach the people they are meant to reach. :(

AK71 said...

Reader says...
Can we leave the additional $ above frs in sa/oa acct to enjoy the 4/2.5% after 55..since we can get the money out in sa/oa yearly if we want to?

AK says...
If we don't need the money at 55, leave it in the CPF to earn interest. ;)

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