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We might stay apart but my mom is a big part of my life.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

I like noodles. I have been told that they are not as healthy an option compared to rice but that cannot stop me from liking them.

Anyway, I use the healthier version of instant noodles these days, the non-fried instant noodles from KOKA. They are pretty inexpensive actually. They come in transparent plastic packets and don't come with any seasoning at all.

I asked my mom to fry some Ikan Bilis and ginger for me so that I could add them to my noodles for flavour. She gave two full containers to me!

I also have some Ikan Bilis stock cubes with no MSG nor artificial preservatives. They also have less salt than other stock cubes available.

Voila, a simple meal that is filling, flavorful and friendly to my wallet.

Oh, mustn't forget to have a fruit:

Ho, ho, ho! Burp.

My mom did the most difficult part, I believe. I don't like frying stuff. 

Made with a mother's love. Thanks, mom!

As we pursue financial freedom by building passive income streams, it is important to remember a higher purpose for doing this.

Money can always be made but family cannot be replaced.

Update (5.35 PM)

Ordered this for breakfast from a "chye perng" store at the market to complement a plate of fried carrot cake. Trying to have more vegetables in my diet after many kind reminders from some readers:

Price: $1.50


vicster said...


Your mum is pure gold. You are truly blessed.

Candy188 said...


The BODY, hair and skin,

all have been RECEIVED from the PARENTS.

《孝经》The classic of Filial Piety

Singapore Man of Leisure said...


What good is money if we don't have someone to share it with?

darren said...

Thumbs up, reading this whilst on the way back to see my parents!

yeh said...

Hi ak
Now I try my best to eat 原物食( original looks of the food) and avoid any processed foods.

Pardon me, you consume too much process food. ( ham, sausage, instant noodle etc)

If you wan the soup with some taste. You can use ikan billis ( can be fried or original ) with some yellow beans to boil the soup about 30 mins. Then add little salt. The taste will be very nice too.

My health is not very good. So no matter how stingy I am. But i also will not save on foods.

I read a mentions that we should consume 5 different type of vegetables, 4 different colours of vegetables/fruits. And 3 different type of foods to keep the body healthy.
Well. I am still working hard toward this 543 原则。

AK71 said...

Hi yeh,

Staying alone, it is sometimes too much work to cook. I will try to do better. -.-"

I am going to update this blog post with something I ordered this morning for breakfast. You will approve, I am sure. ;)

yeh said...

see ,no oil at all:)

today i just boil broccoli with green pepper.

u need to practise more then u will know the vegetables not too soft and not too hard. i also do not know how many minutes the vegetables are cooked.

then once i put it on plate. i will put light soya sauce, semase oil and with little rice wine.

very easy and no oil at all:)

you can try many many other vegetables as well.

AK71 said...

Hi yeh,

Hey, thanks for the resource. Appreciate it. ;)

I definitely prefer boiling to frying. Too much work to clean up after frying.

With my kitchen now a part of my living room, I can imagine my sofa smelling like the kitchen after frying food. -.-"

Thanks again for the tips. :D

Unknown said...

Hi AK,

Nice touch on the food. You can cook simple dishes like porridge and steamed rice with an electric lunch box nowadays. No need to watch over fire because it goes by electricity.

AK71 said...

Hi Dividend Chaser,

I love porridge and had it regularly before. I have yet to buy rice for my new place. Once I do, I will start having porridge again, I am sure. :D

I still cook porridge the old fashioned way. Quite easy, really. :)

yeh said...


my home cooked foods:)

most vegetables are boiled vegetables.

i think my skill of photo taking really can not make it:) hahahaha

Unknown said...

Hi AK,

We can also 'steam' fish using a microwave oven. Best to choose non fishy fish like salmon. I know many people don't like microwave for health reasons but it's better than nothing.....

I have a weakness for noodles, and the convenience of instant noddles. Can throw in some vegetables like broccoli or cai xin while boiling the water/soup base of the noodles. Sometimes I like to add an egg. Other days, I'll have it with a can of sardines. If I have a bit more time, I'll throw in a seasoned chicken leg to boil ( way before the noodles ). All very yummy. While I love Maggie mee ( bad bad ), I try to sub with bean noodles. Very cheap too!

And to appeal to your thrifty side, failing sick is very expensive! I experienced that the hard way >.< medical insurance only covers hospitalization hor.....

AK71 said...

Hi yeh,

Hey, thanks for sharing this. Not bad. ;)

AK71 said...

Hi pansy,

Thanks for the suggestions! :D

OK, I have to be quite honest that I don't really like fish unless they are fried. ;p

Thanks to my strict regimen of supplements, I have not fallen sick in a few years. Knock on wood. 500mg of vitamin C and a good multi-vitamin every day. :)

Unknown said...

I always feel guilty consuming all the expensive restaurant food esp. during weekends when I read such blog ... cham ah ... :P

AK71 said...

Hi Cindy,

Aiyoh, dun liddat say. -.-"

I eat out in restaurants too from time to time. I blogged about these visits to restaurants before too. ;p

However, restaurant visits are infrequent for me and getting more so. Once a fortnight, perhaps?

I think being single, I have less incentive for going to restaurants too. LOL.

Restaurants are really too expensive for me to visit too often. For example, a plate of green vegetables would cost at least $8 in a restaurant (before tax and service charge). That is 5x more than what I paid. -.-"

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