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Thursday, March 5, 2015

By now, some of you would have heard an interview I gave quite recently on the topic of Income Investing. I didn't share the interview in my blog earlier because I thought I didn't do such a good job, on hindsight, and I kind of let slip my thoughts on my FB wall.

Well, for many of us, it is very often like this, isn't it? "Aiyoh, I could have done better."

So, who requested for an interview? They are my friends from The Fifth Person and those of you who attended InvestX Congress middle of last year might remember them. I also mention them every so often in my blog. They are good people who are bent on providing quality education at very reasonable prices.

The interview I gave ties in with the latest program by The Fifth Person on Income Investing and, just now, they asked if I would like to be an affiliate to promote the program?

I am too lazy to conduct a course on investing for income and here is a low cost option for anyone who might be interested to learn and need some guidance. So, why not? Of course, I would be happy to promote their program.

So, if you are interested in more structured learning about Income Investing, you might want to consider what is being offered by The Fifth Person. See if you agree with me that it is value for money. I think you will be pleasantly surprised because I was. 

Note: Don't spoil the surprise by scrolling quickly all the way to the bottom of the page after clicking on the link provided below. I think some of you will do it anyway. So, never mind lah. You happy can already.

Dividend Machines by The Fifth Person

Do the right things and the right things will have a higher chance of happening for you!

Remember, if AK can do it, so can you!


Gary said...

Received an email from them yesterday...think pricing should be quite reasonable! =) I love your last phrase: "Do the right thing and the right thing... ..."

AK71 said...

Hi Gary,

Can't run away from the truth. ;)

I am not a pure income investor but income investing has been very rewarding for me. My portfolio is a more consistent performer because of the income investing angle. :)

Rebel said...

Send to Uncle Tharman to include into our SkillsFuture $500

AK71 said...

Hi Rebel,

Wah! You have such an accomplished uncle! I do think he is one of the brightest minds in the Cabinet. :)

I do feel that financial literacy should be strongly promoted in schools and reinforced as citizens enter the workforce.

AK71 said...

I am feeling happy right now because I just arranged a little something for readers who signed up for the Dividend Machines course through my blog. I was inspired by an exchange with a few readers on my FB wall to do this. ;p

If you are one of them, be prepared for a little token from AK that day. ;)

A special "thank you" goes to a friend in The Fifth Person for giving in to such a weird request from me. :)

Be Happy.

PL said...

Hi AK,

I am interested in the Dividend machine but the dates have not been announced and I will be away for a week. What if I pay up and the event falls on a date when I am away?



AK71 said...

Hi PL,

I believe that there are 2 dates available: 22 March and 4 April. I know because I just spoke with one of the partners at The Fifth Person.

You could send them an email to enquire just to be sure. ;)

Nick said...

Great interview AK, nuggets of wisdom. Looking forward to more of such sessions.

AK71 said...

Hi Nick,

Every time I do something like this, I end up have sleepless nights because I would keep reflecting on what I did and how I could have done better. I shared this on my FB wall too. I think I should avoid doing it again. ;p

I am glad you enjoyed it though. Thanks for letting me know. :)

HappyInvestor said...

Hi AK I signed up for the course via the 5th element email same day before u even blog abt it :)) I too quick fingered liao.

But I got to know them through your blog, hope this still counts towards your blog..

Btw the ebook by sean is available on Scribd app... its free. I hesitated sharing cuz didnt want to affect sales of other pple's hard work. But then I prefer ebook reading much more convenient, so I didnt hesistate to sign up for their dividend course. They do good and I want to pay back somewhat for all the free info I have been getting. Its only right :))


AK71 said...

Hi Elsie,

It doesn't matter to me if you signed up for the course through my blog or not. It is a good course run by good people and I hope you will find the course useful. ;)

As for Sean's book, yes, I know it is available as an e-book too. I also know that many e-books are being shared by third parties online. There isn't much that affected authors can do about these portals. Anyway, people will do what people will do, right? :)

I am very happy to say that I have met some nice people in the local investment education scene. Of course, I have met some whom I would like to forget too. ;p

Chang's Classroom said...

Hi AK,

I am interested in the Dividend Machines, may I know besides SGD, if it is suitable for foreign currencies, e.g. USD, AUD and GBP?

Thank you very much,


AK71 said...

Hi Michelle,

Obviously, there could be some differences when it comes to legal frameworks governing investments in different territories but concepts in sound investments should cut across borders. :)

ES said...

I am wondering if Dividend Machines is suitable for beginners with zero knowledge. Just afraid I can't digest and apply it. Do we need to have certain fundamental about investment or dividend before we can go for the course?

AK71 said...

Hi ES,

You will be happy to know that Dividend Machines is designed mostly with the beginner investor who is interested in investing for income in mind. ;)

I hope you enjoy Dividend Machines and find the lessons helpful on your journey as an income investor. :)

Unknown said...

Hi AK,

The interview you did was interesting. Hearing a voice is more personal than text because there's a lack of emotions in the latter.

Just signed up for the Dividend Machine. Lucky for me I saw your Facebook post that tomorrow will be the last day. Thanks alot.

For the time being I'm just using a monthly DCA plan to invest in Nikko AM STI ETF and ABF Bonds. Just received my first dividend for STI ETF. I just started this Jan. I'm 26 this year so pretty late compared to many of my friends but I guess better late than never. I am trying to learn more about value investing and analysis that I can utilize when I've more capital.

I do think financial education should be a mainstay in our lives. Sadly that's not the case. Or I should also say the emphasis on financial education. I'm sure enough information is out there but there isn't a strong emphasis. I am trying to convince my siblings, 24 and 31 to start learning to invest but because it's not as easy as buying an endowment with an insurance agent they're hesitant of the amount of new information they have to digest.

Perhaps this is the world making us somewhat lazy and wanting everything to be at the push of a button. However there's always a cost of convenience and that is why I do try to encourage DIY. Not only do we learn the mechanics but we also save fees or rather earn more money.

My main motivation is not to be rich but to do the best I can to make the most out of my life.

I think you'll hear this very often from me but thank you for sharing your knowledge and still manage to be so humble and helpful to strangers like me.

AK71 said...

Hi Felix,

I am glad to read that you have taken steps towards improving your financial well-being. I dare say that you will see the benefits in time to come. :)

Starting at 26 is definitely not late. I think that our 20s is the right time to start. That is when we most of us have a stable earned income. Of course, we could start to learn about investing in our teens but without a stable income, it would be "on paper discuss soldiers" (but I am not suggesting it is a bad thing).

I agree with you that there is a price to pay for convenience. This is true for everything in life. I think I have a blog post on this topic too. Beyond needs and wants is the price of convenience.

Don't be discouraged about not being able to convince your siblings to learn more about personal finance and investment. If you do well enough on your own journey, they will be convinced in time. I know this to be true through my own experience. ;)

Thanks for letting me know that talking to myself in my blog has been helpful to you. I am glad. :)

Unknown said...

Hi AK,

Thanks for your reply.

Yes I think it's never too late. Perhaps learning how to manage money right from young will be good. Not about investing but being able to keep our needs simple and our wants few (your quote) and by the time we're ready to work we can even start then. Bad habits from young will carry on to adulthood.

Philosophy is our foundation. Slowly reading more blogs but none is as "good" as yours (apart from the very good layout of your links and also recommended reads) because the big part is about examples relating to daily life, about mindsets which transcends even just investing.

My fiancee's father's philosophy on investment knowledge is to cross the bridge when she reaches. However if we don't have a goal we might not be as convicted in adapting our lifestyle to meet our goals.

I believe The Fifth Person's courses are value for money. However when I told my siblings and my fiancee, they found it very expensive. I guess this shows value is in the eyes of the beholder, just as the case of your gift to your friend. The course is not only valuable for its structure and content but also for the time saved from researching from scratch and also ease of access because it's online. I can use my phone to read while commuting or on the PC when I'm at home and even on the tablet on the bed.

Thankfully I have managed to convince my fiancee to sit through the online modules with me.

You see, talking to yourself not only reaches to the already knowledgeable but to lay people and their circle(s) of people.

AK71 said...

Hi Felix,

Your comment has put a smile on my face on this rather gloomy Sunday and it is gloomy not just because of the weather which started out sunny enough. :)

I always say that I can only hope that my blog is doing more good than harm. So, you can understand why your comment made me smile. I am glad that my blog has helped make positive changes to the lives of some people. Thanks for the affirmation. :)

The biggest positive force for change in your family and your circle of friends is not AK or ASSI or even The Fifth Person. The biggest positive force for change is probably going to be you. :)

I remember having a blog post which encouraged all readers to be ambassadors of financial freedom. We will be doing good and helping not just the people we talk to but their families as well. Ambassadors of financial freedom.

You are an ambassador of financial freedom now and your family and friends will benefit eventually. ;)

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