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Saturday, October 24, 2015

My blog was born in December 2009 on Christmas Eve. 

When asked if I expected things to develop the way they have developed in recent years, the answer is always "NO". 

Sometimes, I would answer "I have created a monster" because my blog and its related activities are demanding more of my time than before. 

I am fully aware of one of the risks my blog is facing because blogging is a hobby and I enjoy it because it is a hobby. 

The day blogging becomes work, I might no longer enjoy it. 

It is about setting a more leisurely pace so that it remains a hobby I enjoy.

Having said this, blogging comes naturally to me because I enjoy writing, sharing ideas I believe in and ideas which have worked for me. 

So, this is the writer and teacher in me rolled into one. 

In a nutshell, through my writing, I enjoy helping people to help themselves.

From the many emails and messages I have received from readers, I discovered that my blog has been helpful and many people have made positive changes in their lives because of my blog. 

This is probably the most rewarding aspect of blogging for me.

I have shared some encouraging messages from readers before and here are a couple more which I received recently:

Hi AK,

Thanks for speaking to yourself all these years!

I've been eavesdropping !

Introduced a friend who was a terrible spendthrift to your blog last year - and is so glad to find that she has started saving quite a bit!

Our tag line now is "what would AK do?" Ha!!!!

Many thanks for your friendship !


Hi AK, 
 After seeing saizen rise today(my biggest holdings), I just wanted to drop u a msg to thank u for opening sharing all your thoughts through social media!

I think I am beginning to understand and appreciate your investment strategy especially after seeing u add ARA and Vicom recently.

Your strategy seems to be within a fixed framework of investing for income but u are flexible as well. Just like water in a cup. Haha. 

Flowing but contained. (Am I making sense?) 

I am referring to your recent sale trades of Sembcorp and Wilmar.

You don't seem to be fixated on holding forever but at the same time not jumping in and out through trades. 

 All in, thank u and hopefully many more people will appreciate what u do!

I cannot publish all the messages, of course, but to all the readers who have sent similar messages to me before, thank you for making the effort to write.

I hope that talking to myself in my little corner of cyberspace will continue to help people who are listening in. 

I hope that we will all make incremental positive changes in our lives to have a financially more secure future. 

For most of us, the desired outcome will take many years to achieve. 

We might feel tired or even demoralised at times but remind ourselves that as long as we are moving in the right direction, we cannot be wrong and we are getting closer to our goal with each passing day. 

We will see the light at the end of the tunnel and we will thank ourselves in future.

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Anonymous said...

Hi AK,

It's been a while since I leave a comment. I am just silently reading the blog. lol.

Thank you for your blog! It is a valuable site! The Government should thank you for helping people to think about their financial planning and clarifying the CPF policies and usage.

Hope the haze is not affecting you...


AK71 said...

Hi Rusty,

Still doodling, I hope? :)

Alamak. Government should thank me? No sign of that happening. ;p

Actually, I sometimes fear that the MAS might tell me to stop blogging because I am not licensed to give financial advice although I keep saying I am just talking to myself. I am mental, I know. -.-"

Haze is bad. I would have died without my air purifiers. -.-"

Unknown said...


Very great and inspiring post, I've always admired your frugality despite having the financial ability to spend more. I wanted to attend congressX to hear you more but unfortunately due to my current financial situation hence it's best for me to avoid spending...


AK71 said...

Hi GV,

I believe that we must draw a clear line between spending and investing. I believe that InvestX Congress would have been an investment. It is just like going to school to learn useful skills. ;)

Anyway, since you wanted to go to hear me, then, on hindsight, it was a good idea not to go because I didn't get to talk much. I might organise another "Evening with AK and friends" next year. So, that would be a better use of your money. :)

Unknown said...

Hi AK,
Did you sell off your Wilmar and Sembcorp recently?
I don't think I haven seen a post of that... Rather, I thought you just added Wilmar during the recent sell-off on it.


AK71 said...

Hi Julian,

I reduced my position in SembCorp Industries some time ago when its share price rose to $4.80+. I had a blog post on this back then.

More recently, I reduced my position in Wilmar as its share price rose to test long term resistance at $3.17. I shared this in a comment in my blog post on my 9M passive income from non-REITs.

seefei said...

hope this help to drive you further AK.... your blogging had steadied my investment ship.

old habit: impulse buy.... no sell strategy and no dedicated war chest. a lot of haggling with family on release of capital for investment.

new habit: buy with good margin of safety. keep a "watch list" and war chest - finally settle with family on a dedicated acct for share investing. sell when price is good, like when there is no catalyst for price run-up, high PE, debt gg up... etc. dont buy back the same share if there are better alternative...

example.... Suntec Reit

old habit: buy at $1.60 and continue to buy at $1.90. Believed share with go up to $2.50. Price turned south after hitting $2. Stuck with lower yield, not loss as i still have income from this investment.

new habit: sold some in January at $2 and didnt buy back at $1.50. Bought IReit instead... Higher yield and opportunity in right issue - source of bargain discounted share... bought the mother share with the recycled capital and used war chest to subscribe to right issue.

Caveat: i didnt sell all my Suntec, just 6 lots out of the total 26 lots.

As a matter of fact i seldom sell my share as all of them are share of good biz in the first place. my $$ only go to place where it is MOST welcome (quoting from AK, lol). it could be share from my portfolio (buying more of the same) or new share with better deal in term of yield or margin of safety

AK, keep going. Your blogging has improved my investment return. I cant thank you enough. This post is the least i can do.

Have a good week ahead.

AK71 said...

Hi seefei,

Money should go to where it is treated best and you are sending yours to the right places, it seems. ;)

I like your new habits a lot more than your old ones. ;p

I am sure that your sharing here will benefit other readers too. Thank you. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi AK,

Yup I am still doodling. Just not for my blog. :D

Haha, if MAS ever ask you to stop blogging, it obviously mean that they didn't read your useful content. Having a financial license doesn't really mean that the person is providing financial advice in one's best interest. They could be just trying to sell financial products.

I myself is drinking home made Green bean with barley soup and Chrysanthemum tea for their cooling properties. Cheap too! Haha.

Take care of your health!

AK71 said...

Hi Rusty,

Thanks for sharing the recipe with me. I will try it one day. ;)

I will be quite happy if the MAS leaves me alone and I get to continue talking to myself. No thanking required. ;p

AK71 said...

Reader says...
Just wanted to take this moment to offer my sincere thanks for all the information you have posted, which must have taken about a zillion hours of experience and effort.

You have made a considerable contribution to both my investing knowledge and also my progress in optimising the returns I am now achieving.

AK says...
I am very happy that my blog has been helpful.

Thanks for letting me know.

Congratulations. 😀

Sunny said...

Been following your blog for over a year plus, which help sharpen my financial skills.
thank you very much for sharing. Just wish that I found your blog earlier

huat ah!! AK wan sui

AK71 said...

Hi Unknown,

Welcome to ASSI. :)

I am glad that you have found my blog helpful.

Never late.

The best time to start is always "now".

Gambatte! :D

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