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Reader complained to another blogger about me! (Reader is disappointed and AK tries to explain.)

Sunday, February 21, 2016

UPDATED (27 DEC 16):

Why you so like dat?!

OMG! Being a blogger is not easy lor. Who complained about me? Who? Who? Very cham like dat.
I thought about whether to share this but decided that it is probably a good idea to do so in case there are others who think the same way:


"Straight to the point. I am very disappointed in you. 

"I have been following your blog for more than a year and followed some of your calls, most of them bad. Now you go MIA.

"You say you have other things to do but how can you forget your followers? I am sure I am not the only one who is suffering big losses. 

"I have a few friends who are also following your blog and one of them say not to waste time to write to you. He has stopped following your blog... He say you gone into hiding because of losses.

"AK, you are not just any blogger, you are influential and, so, must be more responsible."

It took me a while to think of how to respond to this email. Honestly, I still don't know if this is the best approach but:

1. I really do have other interests (and issues) in my life now and they have nothing to do with investments (and, hence, any related losses). I don't know how I can prove this since I am a rather private person and I don't meet up with people much, especially not recently. So, I cannot call on witnesses.

2. I haven't forgotten my readers. I still reply to emails, comments in my blog and I also share stuff on FB from time to time but not as regularly as before. Blogging was a routine in the past but it is more of a "when I have the time or inclination" kind of thing now.

3. I am sorry to hear about losses that some readers might have chalked up. I have some old blog posts on what to do in such instances. My investments might not all be good but my investment philosophy is timeless. Consider the philosophy, not the investments.

4. I have said before that from curiosity and boredom my blog was born on Christmas Eve in 2009. Then, I got hooked because it provided a way for me to interact with many people, fellow bloggers and readers. For AK, who is a very private person, it was a window to a whole new world. For sure, I am not blogging for fame or fortune.

If there are other people who have negative feelings about how I am less active in blogging or who are suspicious as to whether I am telling the truth about why I am not blogging as much, I hope this blog post helps.

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BrokerADD said...

Relax lah AK. That's what losers do. They blame others first but never reflect on themselves. Never devote time to study the investments and just blindly follow. Even if they devoted some time, the big losers had every chance to cut loss when the losses are small at 5%-10%.

Anonymous said...

hmm, okie, need to see which shares and how big is his loss?
probably need to compare against STI or some other fund mgr/blogger
and compare then consider fair.

if expecting AK to blog about his purchases and confirm bao jiak
even when STI retreats from 3,200+ to 2,500+ thats a big ask, IMHO.

Take AGT for e.g.
i bought AGT... 1st time @ 0.54, followed by 0.505 and finally 0.495 i think.
so my avg is probably 0.51 or 0.52. if i just purchase @ 0.54, i would have
suffered losses as well.

My main motivation is to replace Saizen REIT, and I do read other forum(s)
and then make my decision.


Hi AK,

What stands out for me, from this post is this "My investments might not all be good but my investment philosophy is timeless. Consider the philosophy, not the investments."

I've been a reader of your blog for 4 years now and the amount of time has helped me to understand you better as a person and as an investor. This is where, context, comes into play and perhaps, helps me to understand the "Why" of your decisions. However, when it comes to a new investor or reader, they'll most likely see the same post as a "How". When prompted, could these new readers share their rationale of making their own investment choices? Well, it's their money so who am I to say if they are right or wrong :)

But what I hope to contribute is this - A Singaporean's Checklist on how to use 'A Singapore Stocks Investor (ASSI)' blog. It's a list of questions which I hope would be helpful to some readers of this blog. So here is my play:
1. Trying to get rich quick? This is a bad blog to follow.
2. Trying to understand the basics of investments? Maybe. Some nuggets are good.
3. Trying to be more financially safe? This is a good blog. It has ideas about cornerstones for retirement, insurance, housing, etc.
4. Trying to just follow AK and be as successful as him immediately? Odds are very against you.
5. Trying to understand yourself better as an investor? Perhaps, if you are inclined towards passive income.
6. Need some inspiration and motivation towards financial freedom? Very good stories are shared here.
7. Want to connect with like minded investors? You could but be firm with your own investment philosophy.
8. Bored and want to read something interesting? If you find investing for income interesting, this is a good place.
9. Want to find out who AK really is? Forget it. Finding out who AK really is, is akin to finding out the next set of ToTo winning numbers before the draw.
10. Want to make the most of out life? Well, AK is pretty inspiring but what works for him might not work for you.


Potatoish said...

Dear Ak,

You are a patient man. I would have blew my top.

I like to share, I have made various losing trades base on my broker's call but I have never blame him. Of course he is apologetic so during CNY sent more ang pows/ calendars. My point is that he was just sharing a trade idea and it is my own decision to buy/sell.

Same situation, you can recommend the best stock but this is useless if you do not time your entry. Sometimes, the easy way is pointing fingers.

Don't get discourage by these nasty emails and you are one of the nicest bloggers around replying to all our emails when ever possible when you are not obliged to.

As ever
Jing Quan

hyom said...

Hi AK,

I do not think you need to feel too bad about your readers' losses. Firstly, you are not paid. Secondly, the best hedge fund managers last year like David Einhorn and Bill Ackman lost substantial sums of their clients' money even though they were paid princely sums for managing the money. Thirdly, you are blogging and dishing out sincere, good financial advice free of charge. Why do you need to feel obligated to continue blogging when you are not paid for blogging? There is no need to justify your blogging inactivity.

Naturally, some of your fishes did not turn out to be delicious but knowledge gained from the fishing lessons are timeless, as you have suggested. You may consider not directly giving out investment tips. Your readers will not share their gains with you if the investments made money. However, some will blame you if the investments lose money. There is little to gain and much to lose.

I think your posts on personal finance and investment philosophy are timeless. Keep it up.

KMay said...

Worldwide stock market is generally down and everyone suffer losses, be it AK71 followers or not.

LC, The Financal Ladder said...

AK, I don't think it is really your fault, based on the tone of the comment, it seems that the reader does not want to take responsibility for his own choices... After all, the reader is well aware that he is the one who made the choice of investing his money. We should do out own due diligence before blindly following an investment strategy. Bloggers are not responsible for how others handle their money...

Lazy Singaporean said...

If the philosophy is right, the investments will eventually be right.

Sillyinvestor said...

Hi AK,

The stress of "fame" and "responsibility"

Even my Wife dun blame for the losses at her portfolio, when she could, since she based it solely on my advice and instruction to buy, sell and hold.

Maybe the person mistook u as his/her sleeping partner and you are reaponsible for his/her finances

coconut said...

AK, for people who just look at money and money alone, don't waste your time explaining. you can spend your whole life time explaining and they will never want to listen!

just continue doing what you did for others to benefit, ignore those that don't or otherswise its going to cost you a lot of head pain.

remember you can't please everyone and you don't need to!

Serendib said...

AK, actually, its very disappointing to see such a reaction from your reader, and I think you have nothing to hide or be defensive about. Those of us who have followed you for years know that you are only sharing YOUR personal thoughts, which suit YOUR personal situation and risk tolerance. You've warned readers consistently to do their own homework - not just on the stocks you discuss, but on their own personal circumstances and risk appetite. Maybe you need to harp on the latter a bit more? =)
If people cannot stomach this "correction" they are not suited for long-term investment in risk assets.

AK71 said...

Hi everybody,

Wow! I did not expect so many comments and very supportive ones too. I am very touched.

I don't get many such negative emails from readers but when I do get them, I feel somewhat affected. However, seeing so many encouraging comments here tells me that I am doing more good as a blogger and I will soldier on.

Thank you very much. :)

Daniel said...

Hi AK,
I'm new to your blog but try to finish to read all your old blog since 20 Dec 15. Fully agreed all readers the positive comments about you. Thanks you for your sharing about the basic rule n principle of investment and other good pointers and explanation on other money matters of pro and con. eg CPF(transfer from OA to SA for better interest rates and live a life with contentment and wise decision on our finance growth for our future. I may not go into investment simply I'm cannot afford to have sleepless over the market if stumble. If reader just blindly follow the counter you invested without reading the company report, morning all financial news and do homework.And now make losses and lost sleep. Blame oneself and no one else. Simply turn investment into gamble tools.
AK once again for your posting n NIKE slogan. Just do it.Shalom to you.Daniel.

Blue Willow said...

Hi AK,

"I am doing more good as a blogger"

Definitely, and without a doubt :)

Thks for sharing.

imdna said...

Human nature to blame other people for own losses. So don't take it to heart.

I also in deep red for SCI after following you but I don't blame you. I blame myself for not planning better - why average down so fast. :|

coven said...

Keep it up! AK u are doing great!

Always enjoyed reading your blog

Unknown said...

Hi AK:)

That reader calls himself 'your follower". Read the part about 'how can you forget your followers?".
That is the root of his problem. You have repeatedly stressed that you are no qualified investment advisor but just talking aloud in your blog.
Invariably, you will receive feedback from such readers during market turmoil.

Treat them like the viruses of the cold sores, that lie dormant under facial skin but would blow up when the system is stressed.

Great to know that you feel much better and cheered by the encouragement of most of us.

Thank QQ for your great effort in sharing with us over the years.

Anonymous said...


Some people are so weird. Let's hypothetically say those people listened to your advise and made a windfall, do they give you rewards? I would think very likely not!

You had always made it clear that every individual should have their own investment goals and thus should come up with their own investment decision. I hope such careless remarks will not dishearten you! I will still follow your blog and continue to support AK :)

Unknown said...

I always thought of stocks in the same line of drugs;
1. Financially destructive
2. Addictive
This line of thinking actually comes from HK drama series and US movies about stocks.

But after reading AK blog's for a year, I make a choice of building my nest of passive income. Through different media of financial products ranging from the safest- bonds to "dangerous" - stocks.

I think the reader should heed Ak's path of always upgrading yourself with courses and books. Knowledge is power, heresay is ignorant and foolish.There are a lot of free courses give by SIAS and SGX.

I hope the reader can revise his tolerance to investment risk before shooting arrows at AK.

Siew Mun said...

AK, I have benefit tremendously from the writings on investment/ financial management. I chanced upon this blog about 2 years ago right after my late father pass away. I don't have a single cent in my savings account at ripe age of 49. I learned much from your blog and applied the timeless principles. After close to 2 years through hard work, discipline, and stubbornly staying on course while being ridiculed by friends and family; I managed to be accumulate to slightly below the half way mark towards my first million. There is no letting up either. I have developed an additional income stream on top of my day job and investment income. I took on a part time job on weekends in the F&B industry. Gain a wider experience, meet new people, learn new things. Hard work physically, standing for 4 hours at a go. But satisfying.

AK71 said...

Hi everybody,

I am really grateful for all your encouragement and also sharing of personal experience.

I am glad that I have touched lives and helped to bring about positive changes for some. This gives me a sense of satisfaction greater than achieving any amount of passive income in life. :)

I will continue to blog but it won't be with the same intensity as before. There are other things in life which are taking up more of my time now. Having said this, I will also be more cautious on what I blog about. -.-"

When I last checked, I have published more than 2,000 blog posts. I am sure many are on investment and personal finance matters. Unless I keep blogging about specific stocks (and I want to avoid this), there isn't much more to say in terms of philosophy in these areas. So, old is gold. Revisit the old blog posts for refreshers. ;p

Ya, AK is lazy. LOL.

Gambatte! :)

raf said...

Hi AK.. Agree with all supporting comments. True happiness comes from within. Listen to your conscience and be at peace with your Creator. That is the real life. The rest of it consists of life situations and downs in life that will happen to everyone. The soaring markets and high income bring joy for a while. Relying on such external life situations for happiness results in disappointments sooner or later. We should obviously do our best with proper planning and knowledge and hopefully enjoy financial security. Your efforts at helping others in this are commendable.Tranquility is a state which is not unduly affected by the highs and lows of the markets or comments of an ungrateful one or other life situations. Not easy to achieve but worth striving for. All the best dear gentle blogger.

Potatoish said...

write specific stocks okay mah.. AK maybe you can start to share technical analysis on your blog and you might just get another wave of hate mails. jokes aside i think FA and TA, i will love to see some blog post like your good old ones previously TA.


Kelvin said...

Hi AK,

I think it is very irresponsible of that reader to say such a thing. Your blog has been an inspiration to many. As with any investment in the markets there are risk and the outcome to whether it would turn profitable is unknown. That's why there's risk management in place. From the tone of the reader in question, I think he too on too much risk (Quote: If an investment is causing you to lose sleep, you probably have too heavy a position). I believe there are many readers who have benefitted from your philosophy and approach to the markets and I hope that these comments from a few unhappy readers will not spoil your mood and I do hope you would continue to blog as I believe there are still many dedicated followers. Take care and Fight on!


My Wife Sells Insurance said...

things go up and things go down, the main thing is you stay afloat :D

if you blindly follow and get burnt, learn from it

thanks to AK for this blog, keep it alive

PS. AGT seems to be going up now

AK71 said...

Thank you, everybody. :)

I just noticed that my blog has exceeded 10 million page views. I guess that says something. I am glad. :)

ozxinvest said...

Hi AK,

Cheer up, He is probably just being upset with his losses and trying to find a way to express his anger, he could be remorseful by now after sending you the hate letter.

Tell me exactly who is not sitting on paper losses on some of his favourite stocks turned lemon stocks during this trying time and I will "pai ta wei shi"!

Great time to buy, bad time to complain.

AK71 said...

Hi ozxinvest,

I am not all that upset as I understand how the reader must feel.

I probably felt a bit disturbed and, hence, the need to explain a few points but this is not the first time I get something like this. I won't say I am used to it but I don't think I am upset. :)

Casey said...

Hi Ak,

Are you still holding on with SCI and Wilmar?

As usual, I deployed my loser strategy to average down the average cost and is now sitting on a huge loss on SCI, however, the average cost of my SCI is now 3.08 down from 4.80 in my first purchase. Hopefully, market will realize SCI's fair value one day, with that I can reverse all paper losses. I made my first Wilmar purchase a few year ago when its price was 4, it was also at terribly wrong timing, I was sitting on a even bigger loss, but today I managed to average it down to 3.02 and having a slim paper profit. These were my worst investment so far. However, I am happy that my average cost is already below the NAV of these counters and i think I have a reasonably good chance to perhaps start accumulating paper gain sooner or later.

The purchase of Wilmar share was influenced by your blog post, I did not do a thorough analysis at that time and only knew that it was inexpensive and AK initiated it at 4.80 ( if I remembered correctly). The huge paper loss was something that I never experienced, back then, before 'addicted' to your blog, my investment selection was mostly spot on that mostly ended with privatization offer I.e. SPC, Chipac, SFI etc. Well, I learned the most valuable lessons: don't be influenced by blog post, do sufficient homework, we don't buy anything when it is at fair price, we buy it when it is at big discounted price.

I continued to read your blog post as a form of educative entertainment and possibly get some ideas of what others are thinking and try to it in the opposite way especially those popular topics like those involved Yongnam, MPM, etc.

Thanks for sharing all your thoughts. It is indeed very useful to those who want to learn personal financial management and financial discipline. But, to those who are trying to get some easy hot tips, don't blame others, do your due diligence.


AK71 said...

Hi Casey,

Yes, I am still a shareholder in Wilmar and SCI. :)

Unknown said...

just buy the shares of the 3 local banks. if you lose money in 12 months time, give me a call.

Ricky said...

ho2786, easy to give tips hor? :P

STE said...

Hi AK ,
Wow!wow! 10 million !!! TOTO ??? Big achievement for such page view and great effort to write more than 2000 blog post since 2009. ,,!!!! Not easy ! Same as our investment philosophy. ,, patient and patient!!!!
Relax !!! Just write as when you feel " wanted to " ,,, not "have to" ,,, life is short and enjoy your other " things " in your life other than Investment stuff . ,,WOLO ,,,,, :-)
Cheers !!!

AK71 said...


Haha. WOLO indeed. I will continue blogging as long as it remains fun for me. ;)

If I think of it as a responsibility, it will most probably not be fun anymore. -.-"

Potatoish said...

Many people rush to buy with no sense of entry price. When AK says starhub 'good', many rush to buy at $4 just because someone says its good. so, it brings us to the point who to blame? of course the one who press BUY !!!!!

Entry price is is important so is holding timeline and individual personality!!! DYODD

Keep up the good work AK,!! Elephants cannot feel ant bite :p

Happy Holidays!

AK71 said...

Hi JQ,

Thanks for the well reasoned comment.

Indeed, we should be very clear what we are after and have a sense of what is worth paying. This is why it is so important not to only have a plan but our own plan. :)

Have a plan, our own plan.

AK71 said...

From a FB reader:

Wenhong Su:
"Reader go AK restaurant ask for free food. Then food not to his liking, he go report to police. Hahahaha. Never appreciate the free food still want to Complain food not nice. Duh..."

I like this. ;-p

Chris said...

I have been a follower for years. You talk to yourself and some of us listen. Some of us do more than listen and do extra homework. I win some I lose some (like Marco Polo). It is our call, not yours.
When you point a finger at someone to blame, 3 fingers are pointing back. So please no blaming.
You advice has been priceless and I also enjoy your blog & some nonsense :)

Hope your MZ2 is treating you well.

From a ex-MZ3 driver

Chris said...


I have been a follower for years. You talk to yourself and some of us listen. Some of us do more than listen and do extra homework. I win some I lose some (like Marco Polo). It is our call, not yours.
When you point a finger at someone to blame, 3 fingers are pointing back. So please no blaming.
You advice has been priceless and I also enjoy your blog & some nonsense :)

Hope your MZ2 is treating you well.

From a ex-MZ3 driver

AK71 said...

Hi Chris,

Thank you for the kind words. :)

After more than 5 years, I waved good bye to my MZ2 earlier this year. I have a new ride now:
My passive income from 2015 all gone!

Bad AK! Bad AK! -.-"

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