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Compare apples with apples and learn something.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Many readers think that I don't take enough fruits and vegetables and I have been making an effort to increase my intake. 

I enjoy a particular brand of apples a lot, Envy. Crisp and sweet, it is probably more expensive than some apples but, hey, I am learning to be nicer to myself.

Envy apples sell out quickly and many times I find them sold out at the NTUC Fairprice in the HDB estate near my place. So, when I saw them on sale at a branch in a shopping mall this morning, I bought some.

This evening, after dinner in a warm and crowded kopitiam near my place, I popped into the NTUC Fairprice I usually patronise just to enjoy the air conditioning. Clever, right?

Then, I saw the apples. 

Ah, new stock has arrived, I thought to myself. Out of habit, I looked at the price and, then, I looked again.

Sure or not?

I was pretty sure I paid a higher price just this morning.

Anyway, I bought a pack, came home and checked. You know lah, we should compare apples with apples, right?

AK so witty? I also say.

See the difference?

OK, magnified for the optically challenged:

Alamak. How come like that?

Now, I know. 

Moral of the story:
"Don't buy fruits from NTUC Fairprice found in more atas locations."

A 10% difference is a big deal. 

Well, to me it is, anyway.

I know. It is hard for me to change my ways.

Comparing apples with apples, I learned something this evening.

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