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AK showing off his CPF-OA and MA (2017).

Friday, January 6, 2017

I thought that only my CPF-SA numbers garnered a following but it seems that my CPF-OA numbers have a following too. 

So, I agreed to share more of my CPF numbers here. 

Latest CPF numbers, OA, SA and MA:

If we add all the three accounts together, the total amount of savings I have in the CPF is:


At the ripe old age of 45 too.

I know this is impressive to many people and although it is achievable, please don't think that this should be a benchmark for you to latch on to. 

Remember, we have to be realistic. 

Not many of us who want to buy our first property can leave our CPF-OA money untouched. 

Indeed, regular readers know my story. 

My CPF-OA savings was not always untouched.

How did AK amass so much money in his CPF-OA?

For most of us, what is more achievable and more rewarding is to top up our CPF-SA and CPF-MA. 

These accounts pay higher interest and they will help with our retirement and hospitalisation funding. 

Be pragmatic. 

These accounts should have priority.

1. How to upsize $100K to $225K?
2. How to get free medical insurance with CPF-MA?

Interest earned in the CPF-MA will flow to the CPF-OA if both the CPF-SA and CPF-MA have hit their ceilings. 

That interest will help the CPF-OA grow. 

I know because this is what happens to me.

Later on in life, to grow our CPF-OA savings faster, if we have spare cash, we can always think about doing voluntary refunds to our CPF-OA. 

Of course, when we are older, we could also sell our property and downsize.

How to stop accrued interest we owe from growing in CPF-OA?

The CPF can go a long way to providing us with a financially more secure future.

We have to help the CPF to help ourselves and the earlier we do it, the better.

Now, I wonder how much my lump sum withdrawal from CPF at age 55 could be? 


The government allow a withdrawal of $5,000 only? 

Not for me.

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"They all say CPF is XXX... How like that?"


WTK said...

Hi AK 71,

Thanks for sharing your balances once again. You are indeed an inspiration and role model for those who aspire to seek financial freedom.

I am one of such group and have benefited from your blog.

I am reaching 40 in a year plus' time. I have transferred the fund from OA to SA. My SA has surpassed the current ceiling. It is set to increase significantly with the addition of CPF contributions from my full-time employment as well as voluntary contrubution (to the three accounts) I will also make voluntary contribution to my Medisave account at the beginning of every year with the expected raising of yearly Medisave Ceiling. As per ser, I have just made the voluntary Medisave contribution a few days ago. Apart from this, I will make the Medisave voluntary contribution due to the yearly Medisave deduction for Medishield Life premium. Such payment will be made days after the Medishield Life premium deduction.

Though the above-nentioned aporoach may sound weird to most of the readers, I feel that these approaches are suitable for me and I will continue such approach in many years to go.

I do not come from well-to-do family. However, I make an effort to create a portfolio and savings that will provide me the passive incomes in the years to come.
I currently have a full-time employment. I want to have a situation in which I work because I want to and not because I have to.

The message I will like to put across to all the readers is that everyone can achieve financial freedom as long as he/she believes in it and willing to put in the effort to achieve the desired dream.

I do not profess to be a guru in this area. I am still learning the rope and continue to improve my route towards achieving financial freedom ( increase the networth and income while continuing to keep my expenses low). Even if the financial freedom is achieved, I will continue to lead a simple lifestyle as the present.

I do not have any property and car. I rent and take public transport.


Mao Mao said...


MA BHS increased from $49,800 to $52,000 which is a 4.42% increase. MA interest rate is 4.00% hence we are still playing catch-up on our own. It is not auto pilot yet.

Happydoggy said...

Hello AK, just to check on the MA. given that now the cap is $52,000, assuming that you do not have any mandatory MA top up from active employment (since you are not working) and if you do not do any voluntary top to your MA, it seems like the interest of 4% will not be able to cover the increase in the MA. Currently your interest is only 1.9K but the incremental from 49,800 to $52,000 is 2,200. So in that case, how do you manage the gap? Would you do top up to your MA accounts, since in your earlier comments, you mentioned that you did not do any MA top up for yourself except for your dad?

AK71 said...

Hi Ben,

You have cracked the code to wealth creation and also the code to avoiding wealth destruction. Congratulations!

Your approach to grow you CPF savings is not weird. It is systematic. Gambatte! :)

AK71 said...

Hi Mao Mao,

I would like for the MA ceiling to increase by 10% per year if possible. Then, I could do more top ups to the MA to earn more interest in dollar terms to get free health care insurance. ;)

AK71 said...

Hi HD,

Yup, I would happily top up my MA in such an instance. ;)

foolish chameleon said...

hi Ak,

very inspiring!

i have been wondering about this for sometime... say, i want to have steady stream of income per month, i am thinking of buying an annuity (either single premium or short tenure of 5 year premium) and it will pay me a XXX sum per mth, till i kick the bucket.
btw. i am in mid-30s now, so if they pay out when i am 40, technically speaking, it is "wu-hua" since i have a long horizion to collect the monthly sum.

is there such a thing?
is this a prudent choice?

AK71 said...

Hi FC,

Er, you need to do the sums to decide if it is worth the money.

You might be interested in this case study I did:
An annuity proposal: A case study.

And I don't know of an annuity that would start paying before the age of 60:
An annuity: Would you rather have it or not?

simplyme said...

Hi all, yes the BHS should increase faster but whether the interest should be pegged to its increase is a different topic. Healthcare costs are increasing by double digit percentages while our BHS is the one playing catch up. Although the interest is not able to cover the increase in BHS, it does cover a large part of it. From AK's MA interest of 1.9+k, it's only 300 less than the 2.2k hike. Any working adult worth his/her salt should be able to cover this difference easily. The government also provides sufficient topups for the lower income. Now, enough complaining/whining!

AK71 said...

And while we are on this topic:
Do online contribution to CPF-MA and get $88 ang bao!

AK71 said...

"Accrued interest stacks year after year as long as you did not refund the money borrowed from your CPF-OA. It doesn't stop once your flat is fully paid."

Comment from:
Want to withdraw $500K from CPF at 55?

AK71 said...


blazingruby60 said...

hello AK, Have been reading your blog and steadily doing voluntary contribution to RA and left OA $ intact since its earning 2.5%. Now with rising interest rate, I m thinking of withdrawing $ from OA to buy T bill and SSB. My question is - since CPF only credit interest in Jan of 2023 does it mean i dont get any interest if I withdraw my $ from OA before jan 2023? or is there a pro rated interest given ?
thank you

AK71 said...

Hi blazingruby,

If you were to withdraw your CPF OA money in January, you will still be paid interest for the whole of last year but you won't be paid interest for the month of January.

If you were to withdraw your CPF OA money in December, then, you will be paid interest for the first 11 months of the year but not for the month of December.

CPF interest is calculated monthly but credited yearly. :)

You might want to read this article Yv shared:

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