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A tale of two HDB flats by Darles Chickens.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Chinese New Year is a time of family bonding, catching up with friends and also gossiping.

What? Gossiping is not a Chinese New Year tradition? Alamak. 

Oh, it is something we do daily? OK lor.

Since this is the Year of the Chicken (What? Not Chicken? Is Rooster? Rooster is not a Chicken meh?), I present to you "A tale of two HDB flats" by Darles Chickens.

Gossip Tale #1

A: Charlie's family sold their 5 room flat. 

B: Aiyoh, why like that? Bad times need money har?

A: They downgraded to a 3 room flat and they no longer have a home loan to worry about. Fully paid.

B: Wah! Quite smart hor?
Gossip Tale #2

X: You know Dickens from our primary school class? I met him recently.

Y: Oh, what happened to him?

X: His family upgraded from 3 room to 5 room flat already, you know?

Y: Wah! Must be doing well!

X: He says now they are stuck with a big loan and he must help to pay.

Y: Why like that?

X: Actually, when they sold their old flat, they could have paid for the new flat in full. Their old flat sold for very good price.

Y: What happened to the money?

X: His parents took a home loan for the new flat and spent the money from selling the old flat.

You think this tale can become classic like Charles Dickens' novel or not?

Alamak! Who threw a shoe at me? Who? Who?

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