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Financial freedom through building Dividend Machines!

Monday, February 6, 2017

Many people ask how can they retire from work earlier and be financially comfortable like me? Of course, I tell them investing for income has a big part to play.

Often, the next question is whether I could teach them how to invest for income? No, that sounds like work and I am lazy. Bad AK! Bad AK!

Well, we have
 Dividend Machines.

I know many are waiting for the next intake and it has been almost a year. Good news! The wait is over! See:

Learn how to analyse REITs.
First peek into AK's head.

Investing for income consistently and correctly could help us to achieve financial freedom. 

This is when income received from our investments is enough to replace our earned income or at least meet our expenses in life. 

Then, we have the option to work if we want to and not because we have to. 
Learn how to analyse REITs.
Second peek into AK's head.
I like Dividend Machines because it really helps investors for income shorten their learning curve and it is also great value for money.

You will be surprised by how affordably priced it is. Find out for yourself:

Don't wait too long to sign up because once this intake is full, it will be another long wait before the next intake.

Don't say you should have started investing for income earlier. 

The best time to start is always now!

If you enjoy listening to AK talking to himself, you will definitely enjoy Dividend Machines. 

If AK can do it, so can you.

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Dividend Machines for a secure retirement.


Mr Teoh's Sideline said...

Hi AK, do you have a higher resolution of the Reit cheatsheet that you posted above? I am going to print and hang on my wall. :-)

AK71 said...

Hi Teoh,

Cheat sheet sounds like something from an RPG game. LOL.

I gave out hard copies of this check list during the "Evening with AK and friends" event last year.

For this blog, I took more than 10 shots with my IXUS and this is the best shot.

小白 said...

Hi AK,
I have been investing stocks for sometime but never into reits, but recently, I have been inspired by u and many others to look into this. suppose I have 200k, should I diversify into 10 or more different reits? Or focus on a specific 3-4 reits?

Do u adjust your strategy between a reits and a business trust (e.g. CRT or Religare health)?

AK71 said...

Hi 小白,

You have to be very clear what you want as an investor. When we invest in REITs, our focus is on income and whether that income is meaningful and sustainable.

I am not going to tell you if you should invest in 10 REITs or 3 or 4 with $200K. It is something that you must decide for yourself.

Personally, I invest more in whatever I believe more strongly in and less in what I think are weaker cases. Don't ask me for specifics because they are my beliefs and you should have to form your own.

Go for Dividend Machines if you really want to be an investor for income. It will help to shorten your learning curve. You can decide what you want to do then. :)

Unknown said...


Can i know when are the available dates before signing up?

kenji tay said...


The workshop dates currently are:

4,5,18,19 and 25 March and also 1 Apr.

May insert more if the seats gets too "squeezed" as we definitely
dun want to squeeze 80 - 100 people in the room... bad for learning.

Hope this helps.


jeangiam said...


So it's an online course with a one-day workshop or...? I noticed that there're 6 dates for workshop.

kenji tay said...

Hi Jeangiam,

Yup, It's an online course with One day workshop.

Online course so that even after everything, you can still refer and ask questions. And the course is updated this year too. In fact, we also included a new module on M-Reits if anyone is interested in looking at that.


LoveLocks said...


May I know if any seats are still available on 25th march?
Would like to check beforehand as I work on weekends and only off on 25th.

With Thanks
Jimmy Lim

kenji tay said...

Hey Jimmy,

I know you guys love AK but I don't think he knows about the availability of the seats. Wait he stress sia... =)

But yes, it's available.


cool said...

How many max ppl in class for the live workshop?


kenji tay said...

Hey Coolnich,

25 - 35. Maximum is probably 40.


cool said...

and the price is in US$ and not S$?

kenji tay said...

Hi Coolnich,

Yes, it's in USD and we've stated quite clearly in the order forms, so
nothing to hide here =)

But it's really because since we do most of our stuffs online, Our Audience are
really quite international. And you'd be surprise to know that we have quite a few from Malaysia, US, Australia and UK. Other smaller countries include Brunei, New Zealand and also Indonesia

So, instead of SGD, USD would make it a more even ground for everyone for it's
a much accepted currency across the globe when it comes to online purchases.


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